Mt Dale Recce

Mt Dale Recce

July 1, 2018 Club Magazine Trip Recce Trip Report 0

This was a recce to gain some ideas for a future trip and as an alternative route to Mt Dale or the beginning of an off bitumen route to Albany.

A faded sign that read “Road past this point is non-trafficable during Winter” promised challenges given our recent rain. However, the track appeared largely unused and just had pools of water across the track.

Most of the ruts were axle deep with hard gravel bottoms except the last one. The back end of the Patrol sank and sank. I ploughed through slowly. Peter drove slowly around the edge.

Heading south toward the swamp, there had been a recent fire. One stump was still smouldering.

The fire had damaged many trees causing some to fall onto the track. Out with the chainsaw and drag chain. This made a slow trip.

There were couple of places where we had to drive around as the trees were too big or too much for us to deal with.

Lightening Road was littered with old fallen trees where alternative tracks had been already made.

There were some tight squeezes between trees and tight corners. Not sure you would get camper trailer through here.

Now for the bit I wasn’t familiar with and became confused ending up too far north to find the big rock hole at the back of Mount Dale but we did find a stunning view.

The sounds of the bush were delightful and the weather brilliant.

Trip Rating: 1-2


Don & Jane – Nissan Patrol,
Peter & Nicki – Grand Vitara