Ladies training day – Part 2

Ladies training day – Part 2

March 19, 2019 Club Magazine Training 1

After rescuing the bogged driver, we continued on our way west bound to the sand pit.

The track varied from black soft sand to the white softer deeper sand. Gentle pressure on the right pedal got everyone through to the limestone track where we stopped in the shade of the pines and discussed recovery techniques and changing tyres off road.

The group checked tyre pressures and discovered that the 20 minute drive west had increased vehicle tyre pressures, an important point to be considered whilst traveling off road, especially in soft sand conditions where floatation is important


Low pressure = low speed and gentle driving.

The group entered the sand pit without issue and lunch was enjoyed during which, we discussed what was going to be achieved during the afternoon session.

The advisors assisted the ladies whilst negotiating the various tracks in the area, with each driver: learning new skills; honing existing skills; got more familiar with their vehicle; and experienced what the capabilities were of both the themselves and their vehicle.

In some cases the drivers chose to drive a different vehicle just to gain experience of driving another vehicle.The day concluded around 3.30, back on the track into the Pines where we aired back up to road pressure and departed in various directions towards our homes , It was a great day , enjoyed by all present despite the heat and occasional bush tick.

Without the assistance of the advisors and the willing “students” it would not have happened.

Thanks to Deb Black for initiating the day .

Thank you all for attending and I trust that we can display the new found skills on the Ladies Driver Day, Saturday March 16th , Muchea to High Hill. 

Regards, Rex Fredericks   

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