Northern Wheatbelt Granite Rocks

Northern Wheatbelt Granite Rocks

October 15, 2020 Club Magazine 0

Queens birthday long weekend 26th – 28th September 2020


Matt – Pajero – Trip Leader

Simon , Jacob – Triton and Potato salad

Richard and Naomi – Patrol and Caravan

Dave and Cindy – Prado and camper trailer

Ivo – Landcruiser and fancy camper

Simon and myself set off at 11.30 Friday morning and drove straight through to Elachbutting rock , minus a pit stop arriving after 4pm . We found a nice spot to set up camp and collect firewood.

Richard and Naomi arrived after dark with their caravan, after a couple of laps of the rock, they managed to find us . The next morning after breakfast we all went for a walk to the top of the rock .

Not expecting Dave, Cindy and Ivo until late morning we packed up and drove to the other side of the rock where there is a walk through cave and rock wave formation . We had a look before they arrived. Once Dave, Cindy and Ivo arrived we all went and had another explore of the cave. Then off to Beringbooding rock .

After a short dusty drive (for everyone behind me, a first for me) we arrived .

Small camp ground which was already full of campers.

We all went for a walk around the top of the rock where there is some large rocks that look like they are about to roll off the edge(Balancing Rock) . Only stayed for about an hour then off to our next destination .

Before we left Dave asked if we could stop before we hit the bitumen so he could take the snorkel sock off the snorkel .

The stop worked well for Richard and Naomi because their caravan sprung a leak. A rock must of flicked up and broke pipe work from the water tanks. A quick repair with zip ties and off to Baladjie rock .

Found a nice spot to set up camp. We made a ring of stones for the fire and collected firewood . Nibbles came out and we sat around the fire until time to start cooking dinner.

We ended up putting out the fire early as the wind gusts started blowing embers into the bushes, shame, we liked our camp fires, but we like the bush intact more.

Next morning after breakfast we explored the rock and a couple of us drove over to the salt lake to have a look around. Then headed off to our next and last destination Eaglestone Rock.

We arrived here early, expecting the place to be busy but it was not , found a nice spot and set up camp again , made another circle of rocks ready for a good fire.

Once camp was set up it was time for lunch . Sat around for a while then some of us went for a walk on the salt lake.

A few of us decided to go and climb Eaglestone rock while the others stayed back, Dave and Naomi baked their world famous Weber Baby Q breads.

Last night sitting around the fire

We packed up camp. Simon and myself left early Monday morning and the others stayed and walked over the rock before they left for home .

The whole trip ended up being over 900 kms.

Thanks to everyone for coming along to my first trip . Great weather and company.

Trip report by Matt B.

Checkout the Youtube video below of this awesome trip

A great photo gallery below. Enjoy the abundance of photos from this awesome trip

Photos courtesy of Cindy and David, Simon and Jacob, Ivo, Richard and Naomi and the trip leader himself, Matt


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