Wandoo Wander 2.0 All Tracks 4WD Club.

Wandoo Wander 2.0 All Tracks 4WD Club.

August 29, 2021 Club Magazine 0

List of attendees in no specific order.

Simon and Jacob Perentie.

Lin FJ cruiser.

Gary Land Cruiser

Matt Pajero. 

Richard and Naomi Pajero.

Tony Ranger.

Jordan Triton guest.

Joshua Hilux guest.

As usual we met at the BP roadhouse, The Lakes for a coffee and pre trip meeting. Whilst chatting a car pulls up and a young gent gets out and asks if we are from All tracks. He then asked if Richard was here as he had been in touch a few weeks earlier regarding coming along on a trip. He was intending on doing a bit of prospecting for the day but we were happy for him to come along with us which he jumped at the opportunity.

We headed east along the Great Southern Highway towards Wandoo country and turned right into Yarra Road to head south then left into West Talbot Road. We arrived at Defour Road where we stopped to air down. Over the past few weeks there had been a significant amount of rain so we were expecting the ground to be a bit damp.  The weather report said that there was more rain due but we didn’t let that worry us.

The first part of the trip was easy going as we were following Defour Road heading east towards the rocky outcrop we topped to have lunch on a previous trip. The view from there is beautiful.

The next part of the trip took us to another favourite look out off of Pony Road where the club have camped and had movie and pizza nights.

After another quick coffee and chat we headed off again. This part of the track was in good condition considering the rain that we have had over winter. Let’s not speak too soon though. Back down the rock we went back onto Pony Road. Now we were heading towards the Great Southern Hwy again where we knew there was allot of water and soft mud. 

I took a chicken track to the left of a big puddle and I could feel the ground was soft. After making it through I heard Lin on the radio call out “Stop I am bogged” It seems that the crust on top had been broken and she was now sitting on her chassis. After a winch out courtesy of Jordan, Matt instructed Lin to go onto the grass. Sadly a second recovery was required. Whilst all this was going on Richard had a chat with another young fella who was watching all the action and he asked if he could join us for the rest of the day.

Once Lin was extracted we headed for a clearing to have lunch and review the mornings adventures.

Once fuelled up we crossed the Great Southern Hwy there is a section of track I knew was going to be wet and as I turned a bend there it was 20 metres long of deep water and deep ruts.  Sadly, I did not take any pictures of the “Lake”. There was a chicken track to the right which we all decided was the best and safest option. Even the chicken track was a challenge in itself.

The next part of the trip was fairly uneventful except for one more recovery thankfully it was not Lin this time. Tony had strayed off the track slightly in a boggy section of track and had sunk down to his diffs. A quick pull later and he was out.

We were now at the end of the trip so we aired up and had another coffee and chat where we recounted the days adventures. I hope everyone had a great time. 

Cheers Simon.


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