Waroona Dam

Waroona Dam

November 11, 2021 Club Magazine 0

September 18 2021


  • Joel Suzuki Sierra
  • Keith (Visitor) Ford Ranger 
  • Lee Toyota Landcruiser
  • Tony Ford Ranger 
  • Matt Mitsubishi Pajero 

This trip was originally listed for Logue Brook Dam, but after a couple of pokes around Logue Brook, I concluded that there wasn’t enough driving to justify a trip there, though it remains one of the more accessible and picturesque campsites in the area. 

After a chat with Simon, I moved the trip to Waroona Dam, which has some challenging bog holes and some steep tricky tracks skirting the edge of the dam. A few more solo recces confirmed that (a. the tracks were still good, and b. my newly purchased hand winch ($90 from Cash Converters) did indeed work.

The day was overcast and windy, and the Sierra’s propensity for shaking when the wind is blowing and dubious windscreen wipers meant that the trip down took slightly longer than I had planned, but everyone managed to arrive at the meeting point (the confusingly named Pinjarra Bakery, in Waroona, selected for it its accessibility, rather than the trip leader’s desire for pastry) in good time and in good spirits, and before long we were heading out.  

After letting down tyres near the caravan park, we skirted the edge of the dam, and found several muddy uphill and downhill sections which required careful wheel placement and good communication and there were impressive drives from the whole convoy in really tricky conditions.

Of note was a long climb up the side of the dam, which offered a choice of four or five lines with offset holes and some disconcerting leans, and a steep descent down a slippery, heavily rutted track, with a couple of very tricky crossovers.

Everyone did a really good job of taking turns at spotting and discussing lines, and controlled driving was evident throughout. Conditions were genuinely quite treacherous, and I am genuinely surprised that winching was not required.

Ultimately, we ended up at the far end of the dam, and after Lee had spent 20 mins trying to convince me to drown my car, discretion overcame valour, and we pumped tyres in torrential rain, and headed for home.

Story by Joel S.


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