Tech Talk- Our Cub Camper Trailer

Tech Talk- Our Cub Camper Trailer

December 17, 2021 Club Magazine 0

Story by Don S.

Convenience and comfort 

I think that a camper trailer is a pretty good alternative to a tent. We toured with tents for many years; starting with a 2 person tent on a motorcycle before moving to 4wdriving. Now we tow a rear fold, hard floor camper trailer. 

Setting up

Setting up a tent will require pegs, guy ropes and poles while a camper trailer like a cub requires undoing 4 latches, using a manual winder to open up the trailer, 4 adjustable legs and 2 internal poles to adjust, all completed in minutes (no pegs to bang in). On an overnight stop we don’t even have to unhitch from the vehicle. 


A self-inflating mattress, 50mm thick form mattress or camp stretcher does not provide the same degree of comfort when compared to a double bed (or bigger) with an inner spring mattress. Being able to stand up and get dressed with plenty of head room is luxury.

Being off the ground means it doesn’t get as cold. In hot weather it can be warm but we have plenty of ventilation and usually we only sleep in the camper.


When we are out for a day of driving we don’t have to pack up, we just close up the camper and are ready to go. If you are doing vehicle-based camping you have to pack up some or all of your gear before you are ready to go. 

A set up camper also means you don’t lose your camping spot. This can be a problem if you’re camping at popular camp sites. Coming back to camp from a day’s driving without having to unpack and set up again is a blessing. Having a setup kitchen just takes the pressure off. 

Space and weight 

Our camping load is distributed over 6 wheels rather than 4 wheels. On a day’s drive we take only what we need for the day. Snacks, cold drinks or hot drinks (weather dependant). Instead of having to fill your vehicle up with everything you brought to go camping with.  

Offroad ability 

We have towed on the Canning stock route, driven the Old Tele track, Crebb track, Frenchman’s track (QLD) and Wellington WA. These places are well known to 4wdrivers as being challenging. The trailer does require more concentration and picking good lines. Trailers with good independent suspension, high clearance and tyres will follow the tow vehicle without a complaint. Being able to back a trailer is a good skill. (I haven’t mastered that very well.) 


We have a manual water pump located outside the camper kitchen so we can access water even when the camper is ready for towing. It is nice to rinse hands after pack up. We had a rear wheel carrier added and a second tyre can be carried underneath the trailer. I replaced the conventional Treg brothers hitch with a pintle hitch because this is a lot easier to back up to (especially given our driveway is on a steep slope). The hitch is a bit noisy round town but brilliant off road.

Take home message 

Towing a good quality camper trailer provides comfort and convenience, does not have to limit your 4wdiving options, it can present more challenges and requires picking good lines. 


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