Julimar – May 2022

Julimar – May 2022

June 10, 2022 Club Magazine 0

Participating in no particular order

Shane – Triton (TL)

Simon and Jacob – Perentie

Gary, Claire, Gabriel and Azriel – 80 series (TEC)

Rob and Arthur – Prado

Dave – Prado

BP Muchea

What a great day. We have a perfect weekend ahead of us. Sunshine, a small crew and a weekend of wheeling and camping around Julimar forest.

The meeting place for this trip was BP in Muchea, a perfect spot as it’s right on the highway and an easy way into Julimar.

Leaving Muchea, we followed the windy and scenic roads through Lower Chittering and into Julimar Forest.

Eventually turning off the main road and to a nice open spot to air down.

Once everyone was ready, we slowly made our way through the forest, finding some old steep hill climbs we were once able to do in the past. But not now. These old climbs had suffered from water erosion and big lift/tyre 4wds.

As always, when a track gets too bad to travel on, a new chicken track is formed.

Back on the road (so to speak) we carried onwards and towards another hill climb, or descent in our case.

Assessing the track, Shane was confident that the middle track was easliy do-able, so jumping in his mighty chariot, he had set off, conquering the hill descent, turning his trusty ‘steed” around and ascended on his hill climb.

Once at the top again, he gathered the troops for another descent and onwards we went.

First gear, low range, a nice slow and controlled descent to the bottom, where we regrouped and set off again.

With the convoy back together, we made our way back around, and towards the bottom of that first hill we looked at earlier in the morning.

As you do, it’s better to walk the track and plan ahead. ‘If we take this part of the track, and over to that part of the track, we can use that track over on the left to get up……easy!’

Easy, a little loose at the top, but overall easy going.

We carried on with our adventure, ready to tackle the next “Mt Everest” that may be looming ahead.

With that over and done with, Shane had come over the radio, this was his infamous Dummy Spit Hill track, only we had done it in reverse.

We ventured onwards, and back towards a main track, where we found a perfect spot under the tree for some lunch, and that’s what we did.

Right, Oh! on the road we go.

And onto more of Shane’s little track.

Sadly, Shanes ute took a little injury to the rear bumper. The back end basically bottomed out, brushing against a tree root and slightly relocating it into a new position

Personally, I think this is a fatal ending for the bumper, requiring a new rear bar………or at least tell the wife that. Side note, Sports Range 4×4 have made a nice looking rear bar for the Triton, this may be the perfect excuse.

Talking about the unfortunates of 4wding, the next little obstacle in front of us, had claimed another victim. That other person is completely unknown to us, but it was clear to us that he took a loss.

Unknown brand roof top tent

Not far away from the roof top tent was an old fridge, of which, someone has done some extreme quality control testing whilst using a shot gun of sorts.

Well, the day is getting on, and so should we.

We slowly made out way out to the Western Boundary Rd, the group had split from there. Those camping and those that are sleeping in a nice warm bed, while missing out on a nice camp fire in the middle of nowhere.

Speaking of a fire, we got to get camp set up first.

That’s better!!

A lovely camp fire dinner was had, but dessert was better. Shane had a surprise for us. he had brought along some choc coated biscuits with marshmallows and roasting sticks. You roast some ‘mellows, place them between 2 biscuits and just watch that yummy diabetes inducing goodness hit you.

After a cold night in the bush, there is nothing like a morning fire to get you going, actually, there is, coffee, and a nicely toasted bacon sandwich cooked in a Jaffle iron while sitting in front of the morning fire.

The track out was very easy and simple, the weekend was full of adventure and the relaxation by the fire very rewarding.

Thanks for all who attended for making it a great adventure and thanks to Shane for organising.

Story by Dave F.

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