Checking The Huts, July 2022

Checking The Huts, July 2022

July 17, 2022 Club Magazine 0


Dave – Prado – TL

Simon and Jacon – Perentie

Matt – Paj – TEC

As you know, All Tracks 4wd Club as adopted a couple of walkers huts. Moitch and Ridges. As part of the adoption, we just go out and check up on them (These huts are normally closed to vehicular access). This also involves us cleaning up rubbish left behind or reporting any damages or vandalism to DBCA.

After as few busy weekends, and missing out on a few Club runs, I decided to run a late notice trip to the huts.

Meeting at the usual spot for Moitch hut, and after a quick chat, we were off

While driving towards the hut, you could see lots of fresh tyre tracks heading in the direction, I was actually expecting to see someone at the huts, nope, it was empty.

Arriving at Moitch, it was very pleasing to see hardly any rubbish being left behind.

Someone was very kind to leave some wood behind for fellow campers

But I can’t quite put my finger on why this spray can doesn’t work.

With the small amount of trash being picked up, we made our way towards Ridges, the back way of course.

Simon and Matt couldn’t resist the temptation to play at High Hill.

Click on the images below to see a short video of their climbs

Arriving into Ridges, I was glad to see a walker utilizing the huts, and on another note, this hut was also relativity clean.

Beside toilet tickets around the hut, and a small amount of litter, the site was quickly cleaned up.

With the hut surrounded by bush, and a great view of the distant hills, it was time for a bbq lunch.

Listening carefully, you could hear 4wders in the area, not too long after, two 4wds had stopped at the huts, hoping to camp for the night, with more friends to come. After a friendly chat for a while, they left, leaving us to eat our lunch in peace.

With Matt now in the lead, we headed out towards the main road via a different track ( and having to make room for other 4wd’s to come into Ridges ), where we aired up and bidded our farewells to each other.

Thanks to those that came out with very short notice.

Story by Dave F.


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