Mundaring Powerlines, July 2022

Mundaring Powerlines, July 2022

July 29, 2022 Club Magazine 0

Attending in no particular order

Dave – Prado – TL

Roger – LC- -TEC

Kieth – Ranger

Matt – Paj

Simon and Jacob – Triton

Ki – LC

Phil – LC

Rob – Vitara

Sean and Deb – Triton

Brandon – DMax

Rain, Rain, Rain. This was the weather forecast for the few days before the Powerlines trip. Forecast for the day, more rain and lots of it. From hail stones in Armadale to thunder and lightning in Forrestfield. While not experiencing any of this in Mundaring, we did experience some good showers.

To everyone’s suprise, this trip wasn’t cancelled. Meeting point for the trip was at Dome for a coffee by the Sculpture Park on Jacoby Rd. Fortunately there was a shelter erected over the BBQing area, perfect for sheltering from the rain, while having our trip meeting.

With a shower inbound, we all made a dash for our “submarines on wheels”, and headed off to our destination, Dome for coffee, Mundaring Powerlines

Turning off Great Eastern Hwy, down Cole Rd in Sawyers Valley, we proceeded towards the start of the powerlines track, where we aired down.

The first bit of “off roading” was right at the start. A few deep ruts, traction was mostly really good.

Phil had a small issue with his lockers, but that was quickly resolved and he was moving again.

With the convoy on the move, we slowly headed towards the next big hill climb. Matt and I had a quick chat about it, we talked about possible clearance issues, my idea was to try and drive the high sides, easy. Matt questioned if I would fall in the ruts instead, he was right, I did, ending up on a little angle.

While opting for the safest way out. The decision was made, drive 2 cars to the top, first car was to winch down to me, second car was to become a rear anchor for the first. Sadly, Matt’s winch rope was just short of reaching me, so we pulled my winch out, and met in the middle. Rob and Phil used this time to try out some different tracks. After a few attempts, Rob made it through, sadly Phil suffered from the common 70 series lower spring hanger issue, causing him to get hooked up on some rocks, requiring a quick pull over to freedom.

Roger decided to play inside a different rut, sadly, it too was to slippery for him to climb, and not being able to reverse, he had to be pulled out also.

The wet conditions really made this part of the track more of a challenge, most drivers opted for the chicken track, and those that tackled the other tracks, required recoveries, And yes, while Toyotas never get stuck, this was 3 for 3 (whispering quietly)

Now back on track, and wheels full of mud, we slowly kept making our way down the track, finding every puddle to hit for a little wash down.

Moving on, an urgent call for help came over the radio, It was Simon: “Is it coffee time yet?”. Understanding his cries, as you never want to see any mans veins without caffeine. I knew of a perfect little spot for lunch, so that’s where we headed.

I caught a nice little vid of Matt driving some ruts. You can really see the factory traction control working.

Click on the image to watch Matt driving the ruts.

Arriving into our lunch spot, and surprise surprise, a stolen/dumped car was hiding too.

Lunch was going so well, right until heaven decided to open it’s doors. Running back to the cars, dodging little water bullets, and diving for cover in our armoured vehicles.

Moving on, we are now travelling the more “commonly used” part of the Powerlines track. Eventually arriving at that inland lake section, we had multiple options to choose from. Most opted for the same little climb

The drive through that puddle wasn’t very deep.

Thankfully, that little puddle of water had managed to wash off some of the mud that was stuck in the rims and underbody of the car, from the winch session earlier.

Moving forward from here, and driving past a slushy section of mud, and towards another little play area.

Simon thought he would ” Have a crack”.

Click on the images to see a short clip of Simon’s climb.

Outside view

Dash Cam View

Continuing on and outwards, passing other little challenges on the way through. We find ourelves at, what we call “Flat Rocks”, a nice climb. .

The camera doesn’t do justice as to how steep the exit is, nor does it show the big drop off on the passenger side of the car, by the start of the track.

Twin lockers makes this a walk in the park.

The way out and to Talbot Rd West was easy and uneventful, besides the wet tracks out and the odd shower, we eventually made it to the main highway, where we stopped to air up for our drive home.

Most managed to air up in time, some were unlucky, as a nice heavy shower came through, ensuring you were wet for your drive to Dome for coffee home.

Story by Dave F.

Click on the image or link above to see the Youtube vid of this trip.

Here is a little slide show for you to enjoy. Thank you to those that took and shared some photos.


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