Wandoo Mystery Tour with All Tracks 4WD Club, July 2022

Wandoo Mystery Tour with All Tracks 4WD Club, July 2022

July 7, 2022 Club Magazine 0

List of attendees in no specific order.

Simon and Jacob – Triton,

 Lin – FJ cruiser,

Gary – Land Cruiser,

Matt – Pajero, 

Tony – Ranger,

Roger and Derek – Navara,

Nathan – Prado,

Jason – FJ Cruiser (Visitor)

As usual we met at the BP roadhouse, The Lakes for a coffee and pre trip meeting. 

This trip was to follow several tracks we had previously used in the past.

After our coffee and chat we went over the trip rules we headed east along the Great Southern Highway towards Wandoo country and turned right into Yarra Road to head south then left into West Talbot Road. 

We arrived at our turn off where we stopped to air down.

Over the past few weeks there had been a bit of rain so we were hoping the ground was a bit damp.  The weather report for the day said to expect sunshine and we were not disappointed.

 The first part of the trip was easy going as we were folowing Defour Road heading east towards the rocky outcrop where we stopped to have lunch on a previous trip. The view from there is beautiful.

The track was quite easy going and after a few twists and turns we arrived at favourite look out off of Pony Road where the club have camped and had movie and pizza nights. 

After another quick coffee and chat we headed off again. This part of the track was in good condition considering the rain that we have had over winter. Let’s not speak too soon though. Back down the rock we went back onto Pony Road.

We headed north east along Pony Road then north towards Mount Observation where we had another quick pit stop.

Back in the cars we back tracked a bit and headed towards Wundabiniring Track where we came across some muddy puddles which we mostly skirted around.

After crossing the Great Southern Hwy we stopped for lunch and Tony headed off.

 Once fuelled up we went to a section of track I knew was going to be wet and as I turned a bend there it was 20 metres long puddle and mud which turned out to be easier than expected.

After a bit of twisting and turning through some beautiful countryside we came to a narrow section of track. Well it was more of a bike track really with some tight sections between trees and grass trees.

We popped out into a bit of a clearing and were back on track.  This next section was a bit slippery in places but nothing too bad. Then along some beautiful tracks through the trees where we saw a couple of Kangaroos.

We were now at the end of the trip so we aired up and had another chat where we recounted the day’s adventures. I hope everyone had a great time. 

Cheers Simon.


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