Julimar Jaunt. 06/08/2022

Julimar Jaunt. 06/08/2022

August 12, 2022 Club Magazine 0

List of attendees.

Simon and Jacob, Perentie

Matt, Pajero

Rob, Suzuki

Roger, 76 series

Phil, 76 series

Peter, Ranger.

The day started at the BP truck stop, Muchea at 8.30am where we assembled and topped up with coffee etc and we went through the trip rules and discussed the trips route.

Once all were caffeined up, we set off. On arrival at the start of the track, we aired down the tyres and set off. The weather was a bit overcast and the days before saw some heavy rain and strong winds. This meant that the track was going to be interesting to say the least.

The track was in reasonable condition and there were not too many bog holes to contend with, until we came to the first mud and clay soggy hill. After 3 attempts I decided that the chicken track was the way to go. 

Rob, Phil and Roger gave it a go and were successful in making it up. You’ve got to love lockers.

The tracks had quite a number of water filled holes which most were able to be driven through, but some were cause for concern and needed investigating.

Roger having a look with the obligatory stick test.

After a quick check of the depth and weather the bottom was soft or hard the decision was made to take the chicken track to the right. All made it through safely. The chosen route thankfully was the easier option.

After a bit of a wander around some new tracks, we came to a nice gully where we decided to have a bit of a play. There were a number of different tracks to take and some that were a bit too much of a challenge for my liking.

After play time we decided to park up for a few minutes and have a coffee break on top of a beautiful hill.

We discussed the next part of the trip and chose to follow a track that I had never been down before which led to Flat Rocks Road.

Turning off Flat Rocks Road onto the Western Boundry Road, headed south for a few kilometres and turned left onto another new track (Or so I thought). The track headed east towards a creek crossing which we had been to, from the opposite direction, a few months earlier. Don’t forget that we have had a lot of rain since then and when we got to it, we came across 3 cars and occupants standing looking at the creek. They had already come to the conclusion that it was just too dangerous to cross.

We decided to have a look for ourselves and after a bit of stick poking and a quick chat we also came to the same conclusion. A U-turn was conducted and we headed back to the Western Boundary Road.

Another left turn was taken a short distance down the road and we came to another less challenging creek crossing. 

It was now getting close to lunch time so we headed towards Shane’s bike track which is a club favourite. 

As time passes the track is slowly getting harder as there is a bit more traffic using it. The rain has also contributed to the wash outs along the way.

This section of the “Goat” track can get a bit tight in areas before opening up to a beautiful spot to have a break to eat lunch and partake in the usual chit chat.

The chosen lunch spot is surrounded by beautiful trees and the peace and quiet was only broken by the groups chat.

Once refreshed the next part of the track is a narrow twisting section and the angles in parts is enough to find you squeezing the cheeks and hoping for the best. Eventually we arrived back on the Western Boundary Road where we headed back towards Julimar Road where we aired up. 

I would like to thank all who came and conquered. Both Jacob and I had an absolute ball. Can’t wait for the next one.

Story by Simon.


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