All Track Christmas Get Together

All Track Christmas Get Together

January 12, 2023 Club Magazine 0

11th December 2022


Naomi & Richard, Matt, Alex, Dave & Cindy, Lee & Keely, Penny, Spence & Pam, Lin, James & Izzy, Sue & Steve, Tony & Anna, Gary, Claire, Gabriel & Azriel, Ivo & Lucy, Peter & Malou, Phil & Mirka, Podge (visitor), Don & Jane, Michelle, Keegan & Hamish, Keith & Cathy, Rob

Richard and I arrived at Whiteman Park early, hoping to guarantee the spot we wanted. It amazes me how many people are there as the park opens – either early to picnic, riding bikes, walking dogs or just getting out & about.

The day started breezy & cool, as the wind dropped, members & visitors arrived. With many in the Christmas Spirit, Malou took it to a whole new level by wearing her Christmas trees on her ears! Lots of tales were told, and I reckon at times the truth getting in the way of a good story.

We have some talented chefs – the dessert queen (Keely) bought a great array of home-made slices to share, some cranked up the BBQ, and others chowed down on good ole cheese, crackers and party pies,

It was a casual catch up for new, old & future club members. It was great to see everyone and a big fat Happy Birthday to Gabe.

Wishing everyone a Safe & Happy Christmas




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