Anzac Long Weekend In Karridale 2023

Anzac Long Weekend In Karridale 2023

May 2, 2023 Club Magazine 0

Attending in no particular order

Spence & Amber – L/C 76

Ivo & Lucy – L/C 76

Dave & Cindy – L/C 120

Gary, Claire, Gabriel and Azriel – L/C 80

Don and Jane – Not L/C Y61 Patrol

Roger and Karen – L/C 76

Firstly, A big thanks to Penny and Spence for opening up your house to us once again. It is so awesome, and its a lovely place to go for a get away.

With Anzac Day falling on a Tuesday, and by booking the Monday off from work, this has opened us up to a 4 day weekend, so why not take advantage of it?

To maximize our stay at Karridale, Myself with Cindy, Gary and Family left Perth on the Friday after work, arriving to find the fire was out, Spence, Ivo and Lucy had already gone to bed.

The following morning, after the usual greet and meet to our fellow travellers, breaky was eaten and we finished off our last bit of setting up. With no ‘real plan’ in mind, Gary suggested we should check out a track nearby; Bob’s Hollow Track.

A quick drive down Caves Rd, we found our entry to the track. We aired down, and after negotiating a little rocky track, we eventually arrived to an awesome looking cliff face.

Just down from the parking area, between 2 big rocks was a little walking track leading down to some caves.

Seeing rocks to climb, ‘Mountain Goat’ Ivo was off, finding his way onto the highest rock he could find, not far behind him, we were hot on his trail.

Sadly, while traversing this harsh and savage environment, tragedy had struck. I busted my Plugger.

You will be pleased to know, I carry and emergency set under the drivers seat of my car.

Carrying on from this stop, we proceeded forward to another cliff.

The track eventually took us back to the main road and then home.

Someone suggested that we should do a sunset dinner on the beach. With a quick check for the sunrise/sunset times, we precooked our food at camp, and made our way for, and down Bob Track. OMG this sunset was AMAZING.

And to top off the night, we came back to a nice camp fire.

Following morning, again, with no real big plans, a few of us went to Canal Rocks for a dive. Whilst Don, Jane and Roger decided to try some other 4wd tracks.

Spence was under VERY strict instructions from Penny. DON’T LET DAVE NEAR THE FIRE. I couldn’t help but add some kindling to the night’s camp fire.

Thoughout the night, the rain had started, a pinch of morning hail aswell. Gary’s phone came up with a 6 day storm warning, so a decision was made, pack up and head back a day earlier than originally planned.

This was a good call in the end. A phone call to Spence later on in the day, he said that after we left, it hadn’t stopped raining, and there had been thunder and lightning to go with it.

While driving home, Ivo and Lucy, Cindy and myself decided to check out a place in Margaret River, stopping past Margaret River Chocolate factory for lunch and then Wow Illusions for a bit of fun.

Story by Dave F

Click on the link below to see a Youtube of this trip


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