Mending the Fences in the Avon Valley, June 2023

Mending the Fences in the Avon Valley, June 2023

July 3, 2023 Club Magazine 0


Naomi & Richard – white 4WD (Paj)

Matt B– poo brown 4WD (Paj)

Gary & Azzie – white 4WD (80 Series)

Dave – white 4WD (Prado)

Shane – silver 4WD (Triton)

Matt M (DBCA)– white work 4WD (Hilux)

We’d been asked to check the fences at Mandoon when doing a reccie a few months ago.  Sadly someone had found the need to cut fences between the national park and private property to access the track that only goes to the river and is a no go zone.  As we have a fairly full calendar it was early June before we could take a small group into fix the fences.

As the location is relatively close to home Richard, Matt, Gary, Azzie & I went up Friday night.  As we got there just on dark, we quickly set up so we could enjoy the camp fire. 

All evening we commented on how close the river sounded & how fast it seemed to be running. In the light of morning we realized how close we were and no wonder it could be so easily heard!

With DBCA providing the material, and All Tracks providing the people power, there was only a small team that was needed. With the right tools and great teamwork (and many supervisors as times ☺)


We repaired what could be repaired and replaced what couldn’t be repaired.  

By working with DBCA on volunteer projects we can keep building on relationships between the Dept. & 4WD clubs.

After all our hard work, we spent the afternoon checking out the surrounding area and found some interesting tracks. 

The Avon River was flowing reasonably well for this time of year, with more rainfall since will increase the flow.

As it was well & truly campfire weather, between rain showers, we faithfully kept the camp fire stoked. One campfire is not enough for our resident fire experts, so we had to have 2 – one because we can, the other test out Gary’s new firepit!

After a showery night and most being woken by the 1.30am train that sounded like it was powering through camp (when it was actually the opposite side of the river!), we rose to a crisp, damp morning. In keeping with every trip there … it always rains at Mandoon ☺

After a warming breakfast, we packed up our still damp camp and headed for home. There is usually plenty of wildlife on the trip back to the main road, and plenty of kangaroos and emus were spotted.

Note: As we were volunteering for DBCA we had permission to camp in the area.




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