Recci in Brunswick, Aug 2023

Recci in Brunswick, Aug 2023

September 2, 2023 Club Magazine 0


Lin – FJ

Dave – Prado (TL)

Rob – Vitara

Peter and Janet – Ranger

Simon and Di – Peretnie

Sean – Triton (TEC)

Following a recent May trip to Brunswick, and having found that a grader had passed through everything, I thought that I would run another trip to explore areas I’ve never been to before.

The meeting point for this trip, and like the last trip, was at the Harvey Bakery. There is no better way to start a trip. Meat Pie, hot coffee and maybe a sweet something or 4.

With our tummies full, we hit the road. One of the best things about a recci trip is, I’m literally making it up as I go. Turn here, turn there, lets see where this takes us. Turning off Mornington Rd, we eventually turned off and onto the tracks. Airing down before setting off to the unknown. This was a little bit of a sore point for me, literally, I managed to trip over a tree branch, landing on my side, grazing my leg and a bit of sore upper thigh. (But as it was not caught on camera, did it really happen?)

Traversing the tracks was great, with quite a few ruts, puddles, ascents, and descents.

Everyone was travelling well.

Sean did take a slightly different line to everyone else, having a RTT attached to his roof, creating a higher center of gravity, Sean said he felt “tippy”. With some weight applied to the passenger side, he was about to reverse out, and drive beside the rut.

After travelling some of my older tracks, we eventually hit some new and unexplored tracks. After a quick walk, the decision was made to turn around. With soft and deep ruts, (perfect for the bigger tyre cars or those wanting mud), we were here to explore, not for a day of winching.

We eventually managed to turn everyone around and off exploring again, finally back on tracks I’ve done many years ago, its good to see these tracks still existing, untouched by the big machinery. Eventually, we turned into an area I had never been before, and with the day ticking away, we managed to find a spot for lunch. This spot would be awesome for a night stop. The surrounding pine trees gave off a clean “Pine o Clean” smell, well sheltered from winds, and a well established fire pit. Sadly this fire pit and camp site came with a small amount of litter, Peter started the cleaning ball rolling here, thanks Pete.

With lunch out of the way, we went off exploring more new tracks. Trying a new track, not far away from our lunch spot, we carried on, it was a long descent, nearing the bottom was literally a mud/clay pit.

Yes, you guessed it, time to find a different route. Fortunately, we didn’t have to turn around, there was another track to our left,

and right between these 2 trees. The gap was a little narrow, where you needed to turn sideways and ‘suck the gut’ in a little.

With the ground being soft and the rocking of the car, the tree to the right just touched my rear drivers side door handle.

Quick on the 2 way, I tried to warn everyone, sadly Peter being the widest, wasn’t able to “suck in his gut enough” and bumped the tree, causing a small dent and scrape of his drivers side rear door panel. Sean had a little bit of troubles, due to the soft ground and lack of momentum, but after a bit more right foot, he got there.

Exiting this track, we hopped onto anther one, once again, this was a turn around track for us.

By now, the day had started to get away from us, time to go and find my usual camping spot, and drats, it was gone, and so was my other one. Bugger!! Time to find a new spot.

We managed to find ourselves a new, awesome camp site for the night. This site would not have been nice if there was strong winds, but, the gentle breeze that was there, disappeared, Thank you.

We eventually settled down and sat around a nice camp fire.

As great as this site was, we were being laughed at. Those Kookaburra’s just hung around us, even landing in the tree by camp.

I can very proudly say “A lot of wood was burnt in the making of our camp fire”

And we were Blessed with a good night.

Waking up to ‘Natures Alarm Clock’, the birds and the Kookaburra’s were making their morning sounds, I even heard a duck quacking away.

Surprisingly, were still had some wood left over for a morning fire, with coffee and breaky on the go, if we had a Bush Masters Breaky Cooking competition, Peter would have won it hands down.

From here, we were homeward bound….after a stop at the bakery, again. lol

Story by Dave F.

It’s a small world we live in

Isn’t it a small world??? Laying to rest, not far from our camp site, Rob saw this trailer. “Hey, that trailer belonged to my dad”. Rob had recognized this trailer. Rob said that he had painted the T and A on the trailer, he welded the jockey wheel on, plus a couple other things. When Rob’s dad had passed away, Rob’s brother took the trailer, over 18 years ago, they sold the trailer to someone else, and this is where they left it.

Click below to see the Youtube vid from that day


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