Checking the Huts, October 2023

Checking the Huts, October 2023

December 10, 2023 Club Magazine 0


Naomi & Richard – Pajero

Matt B–Pajero

Alex – 300 series

Alek – Patrol

Kyle – Patrol

Russell & Caz – 79 Series

Lin – FJ

Jon K – Pajero

With short notice we thought we’d get out to the huts to check on them before summer really hit and fire bans restricted our access.

As only about half had been to the huts previously, we gave a bit of back ground; All Tracks have had an adoption agreement for two of the huts that are on the swan coastal walking trail for approx. 2.5 years.  We regularly travel to both huts to check on the condition and report any damage, illegal camping and anti social behaviour back to DBCA. We often see hikers utilizing them, but have also seen illegal campers there. This is an opportunity to improve education for all and let others know that we have permission to be there. 

After meeting up and having our pre-trip briefing, we headed off. 

The track was quite firm in places, and we made our way to Ridges.  There was evidence of recent illegal camping activity, we had the joy of cleaning up empty drink containers and numerous poo tickets, and yes the obligatory dirty nappy – yuk.  It honestly makes you wonder what state these people leave their homes in!

After cleaning up, we set off over to what we call high hill for Alex to get some memory stripes on the new 300 series, but also test out what his vehicle can do.  Richard thought he’d add to the excitement by needing Kyle to recover us by towing us backwards. (Thanks Kyle!)

As we were waiting for our recovery out of trouble, I had a great view of others making their way up the hill. Everyone had a crack at the various tracks up the hill – it was great seeing the encouragement that members give each other.

After Alex tested out the creep control, we headed off to S Bend.

The track has dried out and was very soft in places. While Richard & I made our way to the top of the hill, others checked out the track up the hill. As with other parts of the track, it was quite dry & soft.

We headed down the hill 

then followed the track to Moitch for lunch and to check on the condition of the hut. A quick clean up was needed (it’s beyond me why people leave poo tickets everywhere when there is a drop toilet 20 steps away!) 

After lunch, we had the opportunity to get to know some of our newer members and some tall tales were told (can you imagine that!). The track back to the main road was also soft, dry & bouncy in places. Once out on the main road, we aired up and made out way home. 

It was great to see a mix of new and long term members getting to know each other. There’s such a mix of experience and everyone is more than happy to jump in to help & encourage each other. In my opinion this is what makes our club great!


Story by Naomi.

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