Wellington Dam Weekend, March 2024

Wellington Dam Weekend, March 2024

March 20, 2024 Club Magazine 0

Trip report

Trent (leader)- L/Rover 110 Perentie
Dave – Prado
Phil (Visitor) – GU Patrol
Simon & Diane – Canon
Don & Jane – GU Patrol
Hannah – GU Patrol

With the meeting point being the Eureka Bakery in Harvey we couldn’t not take the chance to stock up on pies and scones for the long trip ahead. With the feed bags full and a cuppa in hand we rolled out to the car park on South Western highway to rearrange the vehicle order for the convoy south.

The Wellington Dam National Park is as old as time itself and almost as timeless, as we started the climb up Roelands hill it was evident that this trip was going to be special, it’s not only a land of beauty but also a land of unsolved mystery. While airing down at the Coalfields Road rest area a full moon was spotted (thanks Dave), the first of many this weekend.

The stretch of Potters road was largely uneventful bar the odd dried up puddle, a quick stint down Lullaby Road and a sharp left onto Halcyon was where things went down hill in more ways than one. A large tree blocking the track resulted in the party having to detour around on a side track (not too difficult) but once back on Halcyon the track deteriorated quickly with deep ruts and tight turns. But then disaster struck, as the Landy rolled over the edge of a large rock “BANG” that was a hard landing, the smell of diesel filling the air and the fuel gauge started dropping at an alarming rate. Outback survival is about seeing problems and dealing with them before they have a chance of becoming problems that need to be dealt with, unfortunately this problem was serious, rags, mud, and soap just weren’t buttering the parsnips so it was time for some proper bush mechanics.

With lots of slipping, wheel spin and winching (thanks Don and Jane without your help we would have had to leave the Great Wall to natures mercy) we managed to clear the track enough for the perentie to get back to the top of the hill for an improvised sub tank before the main tank was completely empty.

Lucky these old landies are so simple they can be repaired with a brick and a piece of string (or a jerrycan and a ratchet strap for that matter)

A quick discussion and a look at the map had an improvised path that would be a shortcut to the lunch location.

With a bit of tucker in our tummies and another look at the map we changed plans again, an 8km track up the highway and a quick turn put us on a pipeline track with a couple of washouts, not surprising when this place gets more rain fall in 12 months than most places get in a year.

A few more kilometres down the track, we found a perfect campsite that would make a perfect site for our camp. With rolling hills and dense forest as far as the eye could see… And with the drone even further

At this point Don, Jane, and Hannah split from the group for the drive home while the rest of use set up camp, relaxing for a bit with a spot of fishing, some nibbles, and a bit of checking out the flora and fauna we were lucky enough to see some spectacular plants and animals too before preparing dinner.

Simon and Di found some solar lights, they flickered quite nicely. It was a “perfect camp fire” considering the fire ban in place. It was a very pleasant night, barely needing a blanket for most of the night.

The mornings can be cold down this way but once the sun comes up it doesn’t take long for the mercury to do the same… come up.

The morning sunrise was spectacular, and even further with binoculars. We just sat, watching the amazing sunrise, drinking a cuppa or 5 before packing up. Dave even managed to do a lake side sit, while reading the paper.

Breaky was sorted, fresh scones from the bakery, heated up in the camp oven, we sat around a little longer before heading home.

Story by Trent.

One week later, with the help of a hammer, grinder, pick and a stick of dynamite, the rock was remove, revealing the tiny pin hole. WIth help from a welder, the hole was finally sealed.

Please click below if you wish to see the Youtube vid of this trip.

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