Huts Check, April 2024

Huts Check, April 2024

April 21, 2024 Club Magazine 0


Dave – Prado – TL

Lee and Keely – 80 series

Lin – FJ – TEC

Well, this trip started off with an unofficial breakdown. Lee rang me up, asking for hose clamps as his top radiator hose started leaking, meeting at his house, the situation was just about resolved, as a result, no photos were taken, so this break down didn’t happen.

With myself and Lee driving in convoy, we headed to out meeting point, by the side of the road, where we were shortly met by Lin.

Perfect time to air down and chat for a bit, before making out way towards Ridges.

Arriving into Ridges, we found the huts to be unoccupied, and relatively clean, compared to the past. Todays little was mostly pizza boxes from Dominoes, and a few cans. As always, the Club came together, and cleaned up the site. Its great to see that Ridges was vandalism free, this time.

While making our way from Ridges, and trying to some new tracks towards Moitch, We managed to find a stolen car, looks like it was stripped, dumped and burnt. Looking at the site, the car was burnt in the middle of the track, before being dragged into the bush. Lee’s guessing it was a Ford Focus, he did look for a VIN plate, but that’s gone too.

Finally on the bitumen, we stopped past another dumped car. This car was also stripped of its engine and gear box. Littered next to the car was empty disposable bottles of “Miami Magic” , which is nitrous, used to aid the cars performance.

Anyway, arriving into Moitch, the hut was also unoccupied and really clean. Besides some damage to the side of the hut, there was nothing else to report.

And what a perfect place for lunch.

Feeling satisfied, we made our way out, back to Perry Rd, where we aired up, before heading home.

A big thanks to those that came out and helping with the huts checks.

Cheers Dave.

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