Julimar Night Run, Feb 2024

Julimar Night Run, Feb 2024

April 2, 2024 Club Magazine 0


Rob.           Vitara.    TL

Dave.          Prado

Simon.        Perentie

Russell & Caroline.   LC 79

Daniel & Jacinta.      Triton 

Shane.          Prado 

Rob.              Prado.    TEC

The afternoon was cloudy with light drizzle as the 7 vehicles met in Bindoon. Dave set up his awning to provide shelter. 

Once everyone was ready we made the short drive into the Julimar forest then stopped to air down and have dinner. 

After feeding our selves we started to make our way along the tracks. We stopped to guide the convoy down a deep washout which everyone did with ease and while there

Dave found a car door and posed for a photo. 

The tracks were easy and  by the time we got to the mud flats it was completely dark. This gave Dave the opportunity to blind Simon with his new lights, sorry, test his new lights. Simon just happened to be in the way.

After a break we continued along the tracks that slowly got narrower and a little rougher. 

We eventually got to Julimar road to air up.

Dave and Simon headed off to camp for the night and the rest of us headed home. 

The weather was ok with just some patchy drizzle.

Thanks to everyone who attended and a special thanks to Rob V for his TEC duties.

Story by Rob H.

Please click below to see a Youtube vid of this trip

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