Editor’s Report | May-June 2018

Editor’s Report | May-June 2018

July 1, 2018 Club Magazine Editors Report 0

Hi Everyone,

Well… this was the closer on the last issues Editors comments:

So with an invitation to get creative and flood my inbox with over-whelming volumes of content, also keep the hubs locked, and see you out on a trail somewhere (just don’t be looking for Jack’, he’ll be at home asleep in the garage)”.

Sadly, that was back in April, and thanks to a very lethargic and underwhelming response from members, the total number of contributions towards a May issue was zero, hence no magazine last month.

All I can keep saying is that this is “your club magazine”. To keep it in print each month, it needs contributions from members. There is a small core of dedicated members that Roger has mentioned that consistently turn up to trip planning meetings and keep our clubs calendar full of trips to participate in.

It becomes a big ask of a trip leader to not only plan and run a trip, but also to write it up as well, hence on the trip log sheets, there is provision for a “scribe” to be identified.

No matter how it gets to me, be it via a text message, WhatsApp, or email, I can get any format into these pages, and if your spelling and grammar is a little less than perfect, no worries, it’s the editors job to make whatever you can throw in, after a tweak or two, read like it had been written by a pro.

And take my word for it, some of the greatest stories I have put in these pages over the last 4 years have simply been from members just having a go at writing.

I think the two longest bursts I have ever had from Dave F and Shane are in this issue, and both write with their own unique and individually entertaining style. I wish more of you would just have a go.

An inclusion that has been talked about previously is using “hyperlinks” embedded in the PDF version of the magazine to internet based videos, useful websites and articles of interest.

This month at the back of the magazine, a bit of blank page has been set up as “This months video and internet links”. This months links are two short videos of some fun hill climbs, one being down at Yeagarup in March, and the other at Brunswick in May. It would be great to get some feedback on what members might like this feature to be used for. For now I hope you enjoy the two linked videos.

Travelling on, Ol’ Jack, a familiar fourbie for many has not just been retired, but now has a new owner who I hope enjoys Jack’ as much as I did. Ride now is the Triton above, and between the Brunswick trip, and a Julimar reccy with Shane a couple of weeks ago, has managed to prove it’s worth as being a seriously competent vehicle.

It’s still getting built up for the Anne Beadell trip in August, and by the time it’s built will be a very well sorted long distance and remote outback tour-ing rig, that may have a camper in tow too.

For now, keep your own hubs locked, and see you out there somewhere.