Box trailer for off-road

Box trailer for off-road

December 27, 2019 Club Magazine Information News 0

The upcoming trip to Breton Bay will be the first time I have towed a trailer behind the Triton off-road; the trailer for this trip simply being my 6×4 box trailer.

Some minor modifications were made that included the toughest LT tyre I could get for its 14 inch rims, and a Tregg hitch. The hitch is by far the most important mod’, as a standard 50mm ball hitch simply doesn’t have the range of movement needed negotiating any sort of trail with steep ramp over angles and cross ups through wombat holes. The Tregg was fitted with help from Dave who welded some additional pieces to the draw bar for the hitch and the spare tyre. The great thing about the 6×4 is that it’s so light it can be turned upside down on the lawn to access weld lines underneath.

Trailer sitting level behind the Triton with the Tregg fitted

After fitting the hitch to the trailer, the car side of the Tregg hitch was mounted to the Nissan tow bar out of my wife Deb’s Patrol. This is one of the advantages of having standardized 50mm box receivers on most 4WD’s. The tow bar extensions are interchangeable between vehicles.

For the upcoming weekend, Deb’s Kings Weekender Roof Top Tent was bolted onto the trailer. At this height, setting the tent up was much easier than when this tent is on a vehicle, and a lot easier than the OzTent. Downside is it’s a bit low for a Roof Top Tent from an access point of view, the fly over the entrance is below head height. A later modification may be to put a 600mm high cage on the trailer with the RTT on this.


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