All Tracks Camp Cook Off

All Tracks Camp Cook Off

September 4, 2020 Club Magazine 0


David and Cindy – Osso Bucco Veggie Soup, Nutella Pastries and hot custard

Richard and Naomi – Pumpkin Potato Bake, Apple Crumble

Gary – Texas pork ribs, pork roast with roast veggies

Jane and Don – Vada, Chicken Curry

Rob and Suzanne – Chilli Con Carne and Seafood Chowder

Sean and Deb – Sardine Dip, Ginger and Lime Chicken with Salad and Spicy Turkey Burgers

Lin – Chill Con Carne

Contestants, Are you ready? Let the cooking begin!!

The idea of an Alltracks Cook off came from a trip we had last year whilst camping at Fish Creek. Sadly, COVID put a dampener on the original cook off date, but alas, we managed to have it.

The rules for the cook off was simple. Everyone had to prepare a meal or dessert. You can peel potatoes/onions at home but all mixing etc was to be done on site. Everyone judged each other. Prizes were awarded to the winners.

Don and Jane were first out with their Vada dish followed by Sean and Deb with their dip and crackers. One by one, dishes were placed on the table to share. Quite nice actually. Slow and steady stream of continuous food for people to pick on but by the end , we were all so full. Luckily there wasn’t more chefs in this outdoor kitchen.

Once everyones tummies were full, it was judgment time. Nomination forms were handed out. Drum roll please.
daa daa daaaaaaaa

First place goes to Sean and Deb

Second place goes to Gary

Third and final prize goes to Lin

Well done to the winners.

Finally, to finish off the night, some yummy apple crumble, hot custard and Nutella pastries filled up what gaps we had left available from the main feast. Let’s face it, there is always room for dessert!

Click here to watch the video of this awesome, fierce competition between rival competitors fighting it out. The winner taking out first place in the first ever camp cook off.

Story by Dave F


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