Bush Camp and Movies Night

Bush Camp and Movies Night

September 18, 2020 Club Magazine 0


Dave and Cindy – Toyota Prado

Lin – Toyota FJ

Richard and Naomi – Nissan Patrol

Matt – Mitsi Pajero

Wilco and the girls – Toyota under cover 100 series

We planned an awesome night of movies, camp fire, home made popcorn with a bit of star gazing. 

We met up at The Lakes, coffee’d ourselves, a quick chat and then we headed off to the ultimate camp spot. 

With a couple turns here and there, we had arrived.

After surveying the area, we all chose our camp site for the night

Matt managed to stack the few small sticks together for a small fire

Wilco had set up his star gazing camera gear.

I baked bread and set up the movie screen for the night.

Cindy and Naomi set off for a bit of a wild flower explore

Richard and Naomi made popcorn for everyone

Tonights movie was “Blended” with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. A little test movie was also playing during setup. Making sure its all good.

A little bit of tech info. The laptop and the projector was running of my 100w inverter. Total draw was 83W. The dewalt radio was battery operated

The east facing camp site produced an awesome morning sunrise

A little morning fire was started to feed the little fire bugs within, followed by some breaky, and the worst part of any trip, packing up and heading home.

Story by Dave F


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