Wellington Dam Collie, Boxing day.

Wellington Dam Collie, Boxing day.

January 11, 2021 4WDing Club Magazine Trip Report 0


Shane: Triton,

Dave & Cindy : Prado;

Wilco, Silvia, Thirsa, Nayeli: Lexus

Visitors :

Sean & Deb: Triton,

Brandon: Jimney.

For those that have been to our camp spot on the Welly dam you would know how relaxing this place can be, for Dave and Cindy it was a first time so we decided to meet up at BP Forrest H/W (along with the rest of Perth wanting to escape the big smoke). It wasn’t long and we were picking up supplies from Collie (of the medicinal kind) and out to the turn off to the dam. Pink tape seemed to mark every turn and we wondered if our beautiful spot was still available.

The track in had deteriorated somewhat but with Dave’s experience towing their Cavalier camper trailer and picking a good line through the ruts and fallen trees we found ourselves at the camp site with a cracker view of the water.

It didn’t take long to set up camp and we were soon joined by Wilco and his family who also bought a new paddleboard that joined the kayaks at the water’s edge.

Wasn’t long before Dave had his fishing rod on the kayak and was off on his hunt for a fish. Nayeli mastered the paddle board quickly.

Dinner that night was a roast team effort.

Once again Dave being Mr Entertainment set up the projector and we all kicked backed and watched the movie ‘Monster Trucks’.

The next morning we were all awoken very early by the Kookaburras, so Dave got out his DeWalt powered coffee grinder to get those Kookaburras back.

That day we were joined by Sean and Deb and their son Brandon, so Dave put on a bread mix that was absolutely DEVINE.

Our visitors left that afternoon to head back to Perth. Once again the Kayaks and paddleboards were back on the lake followed by an amazing sunset glistening off the dam waters.

Whilst we were cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast, Dave and Cindy were packing up their portable house to go and visit Richard and Naomi on the other side of the Dam on their way home (We took a very interesting uphill track to find the exit road). For the rest of us remaining we had a relaxing day reading and just chilling out with occasional swim. The following day the rest of us packed up and made our way back to Perth.

Trip report by Shane

Come and check out the Youtube vid of this trip


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