Social – Axe Throwing June 2021

Social – Axe Throwing June 2021

August 3, 2021 Club Magazine 0

Attendees and absolutely no vehicles at all

Penny and Spence,

Richard and Naomi,

Simon and Jacob,

Lin and Wayne,



Craig and Kate.

So – we needed a social event.  We could have played golf, or gone to winery, or maybe bowling, but hell no – let’s throw some axes!  So we gathered at Lumber Punks in East Perth and proceeded to hurl very sharp objects at targets.

Rating: This was a multiple F word trip, not because of any of the club attendees, but due to the hilarious Lumber Punks guy who provided the guidance in very colourful language.

When we arrived an ambulance was parked outside, and the label on the first aid kit seemed ominous, but we bravely continued inside.

After some serious warnings about how easy it would be for us to leave without body parts, some indication of what to do if an axe bounced off the target and came flying back at you, and a demonstration of one and two arm throwing,  we started with small axes, a bit like pick axes. 

Many of us failed miserably until we got some more detailed instructions on how many times the axe should revolve in the air, and how we should adjust where we stood to avoid it bouncing off when we were so close to the centre of the target.  Or in my case bouncing off some random area on the bottom or top of the wall. 

The technique apparently involves keeping your arm straight (to avoid leaving without ears), and checking for over and under spin so the axe buries itself nicely in the wall.

After that advice some of the group started hitting targets. 

At this point the small axes started seeming a bit tame and they moved us to the bigger ones.  They are much more satisfying to throw!  Pretty much everyone hit the centre of the target at least once, and there were some stand-out performances.  Kate had an amazing two handed throwing technique, which somehow just looks so much more scary. 

Jacob demonstrated that teenagers can quite effectively hurl sharp objects, Lin looked quite at home with an axe in her hand, and Spence thankfully only did slightly better than my miserable results.

At this point we broke into groups for a competition round.  Five games with the axe of your choice in pairs or threes.   And while no-one got their names on the leader board on the wall, there were some very creditable performances.

The best 4 throwers Richard, Craig, Wayne and Dave, with some awesome results played off in a final.

Meanwhile Matt and I competed for the wooden spoon (which I claimed – after all if you can’t be good at something you can at least be spectacularly bad!)

Afterwards we gathered outside for the mandatory group photo

Conveniently there is a whisky and coffee bar next door, so we popped in there for coffee (for people who were driving) or a taste of the whiskies for those who had planned ahead and taken an Uber. 

And finally a big shout out to the Lumber punks people.  It’s a great way to spend a couple of hours, and they really make it fun.

Story by Penny C.


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