Homeward Bound – Newman and Big Bell Ghost Town

Homeward Bound – Newman and Big Bell Ghost Town

October 3, 2021 Club Magazine 0

Sadly heading home after a great trip

Dave and Cindy – Prado

What a sad way to end a trip, by heading home. We had left everyone a few days early. The rest of the group headed off to Marble bar for a bit of gold prospecting and exploring the surrounding area, we started our 1500ish kilometres drive home.

Packing up what ever we could the night before, Cindy and I planned to leave early the next morning. Waking up about 4.30, we got up and packed the rest of the trailer and headed home. Shane woke up, wishing us both safe travels home.

Our journey home started off very cautiously, expecting a lot of roo’s on the road, we kept our speeds low until after sunrise. Speaking about sunrise, the view was great, just to see the sun poking its head out over the mountain tops.

Whilst driving home, we passed one of the towns, Newman. We saw a big 793B Haul Truck on public display.

Its not often a member of the general public can come up close to one of these machines, just standing right next to it, it makes you feel really small.

After a quick stop for fuel, on the south side of Newman, it was time to keep heading home

Slowly but surely, the distance to Perth was getting smaller. Being so far away, and not wanting to drive at night, our next camp site was Big Bell, located approx 29k west of Cue.

Big Bell was an old mining settlement dated back way before I was born. The hotel was constructed in 1937, and closed 20 years later.

Currently, the hotel still stands, as well as a church and 2 rooms on a single house. You can see a lot of old concrete foundations to many houses that existed back in its time.

After speaking with a couple of mine workers in the area, they say that this hotel and the Como hotel are made identically.

The remains of the church, being occupied by other travellers

Our home for the night. Our 2 bedroom apartment, complete with fire place and a well expired long drop toilet.

As the sun started to set, we used some of the facilities provided to us, and eventually headed off to bed for the night.

The next morning was the start of the final leg home. We were packed and ready for the final drive before sunrise, taking our time to minimise any encounters with our friendly kangaroos, whilst reminiscing on our great adventure we just had.

Trip report by Dave F

Click here to see the Youtube vid of our journey home


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