Aussie Day in Karridale – Jan 2022

Aussie Day in Karridale – Jan 2022

February 6, 2022 Club Magazine 0

Wednesday 26th – Sunday 30th January


Penny and Spence – FJ Cruiser

Dave – Prado

Ivo and Lucy – Landcruiser

Roger and Karen – Landcruiser

Shane – Triton

Simon and Jacob – Triton

Richard and Naomi – Pajero

Gary and Claire – Landcruiser

It wasn’t our fault Australia Day fell on a Wednesday, it’s just how it was, so we were forced to have a much longer Aussie Day break from work than normal. As always it was a mixture of driving, general tourist activities, and sitting around at the block in Karridale chatting.

Some of the group got there even earlier, arriving late Tuesday evening with the aim of getting up early to fish.  In fact, pretty much every morning involved a trip down Bob’s track to the beach for at least some of the group.  The beach was as beautiful and deserted as only WA beaches can be.

There was considerable success too, and we all enjoyed fresh fish (although the ray was sent home, (caught by other fishers near by)).

The other activity was diving.  Gary and Dave went off in search of the wreck, the Katinka, sunk off Hamlin Bay in 1900.  They did find her, but there was not a lot of the wreck still visible above the sand.

Others in the group went down to Hamlin Bay for a gentler swim, and a walk up to the headland for a view of the old pier.  In its day timber was shipped to the UK from Hamlin Bay in huge quantities.

Everyone had set up their camps (some may have set up multiple times, got to get that camper in just the right spot!)  Depending on the weather we huddled under the shade houses or sat around looking elegant in some very bogan flannel shirts. 

Both Wednesday and Saturday nights, a few cricket tragics gathered around Penny’s laptop to watch the Scorchers regain the BBL title. 

Thursday was a full day driving out through the Blackwood River National Park to Lake Jasper.   Roger picked up a drill bit in a tyre on Denys Rd and a quick repair was done before moving on.

Lake Jasper has some soft sand going in, and a two-wheel drive had quite impressively got part of the way before becoming completely bogged. 

Lake Jasper is a lovely spot for a swim, and we stopped for some lunch.

Pretty much everyone was keen for ice cream on the way home.

Friday the group split.  Some did tourist type activities including Canal Rocks;

While others went exploring along the Blackwood.  There were some lovely little camping spots alongside the river, definitely to be noted for future visits.  The way home was also good, with Blackwood Rd having some interesting sections that will be worth trying again in winter.

Some of the group had to leave on Saturday, while the rest of us relaxed or went into Augusta for a swim, finishing with a final night under the Southern Cross before heading for home on Sunday.

Story by Penny C.

Click on the image below to see the YouTube vid of this trip.


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