Beyond Mundaring May 2022

Beyond Mundaring May 2022

June 2, 2022 Club Magazine 0

Participants :

Matt , Pajero

Tony , Ranger

Steve , Landcruiser

Jayme, Tyrone, Xariah, Nitro , Patrol (visitors)

Nath , Prado (visitor)

Ivo , Landcruiser

Simon , Perentie

Gary, Gabriel, Azriel , Landcruiser

Lin , FJ cruiser

Stuart, Michelle , Pajero

Lee, Keely , Landcruiser

The meeting point was at Sculpture Park for a 9am departure. We headed east to Flynn Rd with not a cloud in the sky, we turned off Flynn Rd onto the powerline track. The entrance already had vehicles there so we travelled for a bit before airing down, so for something different, I stopped the convoy on the slope of a hill to air down.

The next part of the trip was a track some of us had done before, with some deep washouts and a small sharp drop off.

There had been a recent fire through this area and there were still a couple of large smouldering tree stumps. The tracks had been graded flat. To make the flat track more interesting, we had to find our way around a few fallen trees, which were too big to move.

Next was a hill climb which has deep ruts to negotiate which we all traversed without too much hassle. Once we all got to the top of the hill we stopped to help Nath to get some stones out of the tyre bead.

The next section, I had mapped with satellite images , but it didn’t work out so well. Turned out to be a motorbike track, luckily a couple of motorbikes came in the opposite direction and told me the track got tighter further ahead. So got on the radio and told everyone to turn around. On the return, Tony got the Ranger stuck on a bush and required a couple of Maxx tracks and a push to get moving again.

The last section for the day was a long steep hill climb with deep washouts.

Nath was unable to get across one of the ruts, so he needed to roll back a little to take a side track. Ivo was behind Nath, and as he was rolling back his cars drivetrain locked up and was unable to get out of third. So with the help of a few people and a winch, we were able to free the car and get moving again.

It was a great day out with perfect weather forecasted. A big thanks to everyone for making it a great trip.

Story by Matt B.

Below are some random pictures taken throughout the day


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