Quite “Hut”broken

Quite “Hut”broken

September 30, 2022 Club Magazine 0

25th September 2022

Attending todays trip

Dave – Prado – TL

Peter and Malou – L/C

Lin – FJ – TEC

With this weekend being a long weekend, I thought it would be good to do another trip out to the huts, to see what type of condition they were in.

Malou wearing our Club shirt whilst Lin is wearing the shirt donated to us from DBCA, “Parks and Wildlife Volunteer

The meeting point for the trip was the little parking bay on Perry Rd. With me being the last to arrive, we aired down and started heading off and towards the Moitch Hut.

The drive into the huts was easy going. While there was a few little holes, traction wasn’t an issue. Arriving at the hut, the main gate was open, and no one was camping at the site.

OMG, what a mess. Rubbish everywhere. From beer bottles left everywhere, and other rubbish like chocolate wrappers, packets of chips and meat trays plus more.

We even found an almost full bottle of tomato sauce on the roof of the hut.

With all the mess cleaned up, and a check on the toilet ( Which was in great condition, DBCA had toilet paper and a half bucket of the cleaning solution), we headed off the back way and towards Ridges.

Arriving into Ridges, there were 2 guys camping, and a hut that had been hacked up

Someone had started hacking the hut. One post had totally been hacked in half, 2 other posts had axe wounds, one timber wall had an axe to it, the bbq has a bent pole, a tree has been axed, the toilet has a bit of its timber wall missing and the toilet lid is broken.

With nothing to clean up, we stopped for some lunch, a quick chat to the 2 guys camping there, they got there at 9pm the previous night, Where there was a big group of people already camping there. They were traveling from NSW, so I asked how they found the hut. They were unable to find a camp ground that had some vacancies, so they just looked on google maps, and it popped up.

Before leaving the hut, we cable tied a rake that was on site, trying to prevent people walking into it.

A little heart breaking to see this done to the huts, and with this disappointment, we were off, back to the main road, airing up and headed home.

Thanks to those that came and helped out with the huts cleanup.

Story by Dave.


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