Julimar Jaunt. July 2023

Julimar Jaunt. July 2023

August 18, 2023 Club Magazine 0

List of attendees.

Simon and Jacob, Triton. Matt, Pajero. Rob, Suzuki. Dave Prado. Jon. Pajero Sport.

We met up at the BP truck stop, Muchea with coffee in hand and formalities completed we set off towards Julimar. 

As per usual it was a bit of a mystery tour ahead of us as I had not made any firm plans.

Turning off the main road into the state forest near the Western Boundary Road we aired down the tyres and set off. The weather was beautiful but the days before there had been some rain. Saying that, there was not too much water around.

We continued north along the western boundary until we came to a track to the right which I had not been on before. Being an adventurous soul, I decided to follow it and see where it went. I still had it in mind to head towards Creek Road to see what the water level was like.

 After a quick check of the depth and whether the bottom was soft or hard the decision was made to take the track to the left. All who dared made it through safely. There was a chicken track to the right which was the easier option.

We headed for the look out on top of a hill which Rob recommended for morning tea. The views from up there were spectacular. If you happened to have car issues and you had to stay overnight this would be a great spot to stay whist you made emergency repairs.

Once we were suitably refreshed we headed back down the hill to rejoin the track and headed in a southerly direction. We rejoined a track that is very familiar to the club but this time we were travelling in the opposite direction to our usual way.

On this track there are a number of gullys and washed out areas which make for some interesting driving with some funky angles.

The chosen lunch spot is surrounded by beautiful trees and the peace and quiet was only broken by the groups chat. Once refreshed the next part of the track is a narrow twisting section and the angles in parts is enough to find you squeezing the cheeks and hoping for the best.

Eventually we arrived at an intersection where Dave took a right turn and headed for the main road whilst the rest of us continued towards Heine Road and a few more tracks with more funky angles.

It was decided that we would continue down Heine Road and then take a track off to the left and head east for a bit. This is also one of the clubs usual tracks which always offers up a bit of a challenge. 

We eventually arrived at the area just off Heine Road where we aired up and had a bit of a discussion about how the day had been.

 I would like to thank all who came and conquered. Both Jacob and I had an absolute ball. Can’t wait for the next one.

Story by Simon

Click below to see a Youtube vid of the day


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