Waroona Dam, Oct 2023

Waroona Dam, Oct 2023

October 31, 2023 Club Magazine 0


Don & Jane – GU Patrol 

Alan & Tracey- Ranger (visitors) 

Simon Suzuki – Grand Vitara (visitor) retired early due to mechanical issues

Conor – 79 series Landcruiser  

Sean – Mitsubishi Triton 


We haven’t been driving in this area for many years. The dam is still very popular judging by the number of boats present on Saturday. Other than those enjoying the challenge of the mud holes, there were few others four wheel driving. It was nice to have the place to ourselves but oh! the rubbish, it was disgusting in places. You can see why bush camping is banned though not everyone is able to read the “No Camping” signs.

A well-used track follows the contours of the dam with occasional detours into the bush where the beach is too narrow to drive on.  It was on the lake edge that Simon noticed his vehicle was overheating. A looksee at the radiator revealed mud, lots of it! When his vehicle cooled, we escorted him back to bitumen at the entrance to Lake Navarino caravan park where he arranged for the RAC to rescue him.

That done, we returned to the convoy and began exploring the really interesting and challenging tracks that go up from the lake’s edge up to the ridge line and down again.

We found these can be challenging in either direction. There are offset wombat holes, tight trees to squeeze between and ruts to fall in.

  In places the vegetation is dense and it was difficult to see the vehicle behind but with only one exception we managed to keep the convoy together.

Bog holes are present in numerous places. We did briefly stop to look at the antics of some drivers before moving on with our planned drive. After our adventure in Brunswick, we were unwilling to get muddy again. (Picture to the left is of others challenging the mud)

There was one significant water crossing, the one often featured on Youtube. With a rocky bottom and a way to avoid the deepest water both Sean and Connor successfully navigated it. Tracey was a bit unsure of so much water and she and Alan went around.

At the end of the trip as we pumped up tyres, Tracey and Alan shared that this Saturday was their 17th wedding anniversary. Congratulations guys. And thanks for coming.

Story by Don and Jane.


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