Ladies training day – Part 1

Ladies training day – Part 1

March 19, 2019 Club Magazine Training Trip Report 1

As to be expected it was a rather hot day, hey it is summer!

Participants were:

  • Deb Black in a Patrol with Sean Flanigan riding shotgun
  • Terry Handley in a Explorer,
  • Penny Cookson in the 76series cruiser (with Spence Cookson)
  • Kim Diletti in the Ranger were joined by three club advisors,  
  • Hannah Speldewinde in her Patrol,
  • Rex (me) and of course I was in the 100 series Cruiser .

We gathered at the United Fuel station on Gnangara Road at 8.30am and the four ladies had a basic introduction for a pre-start requirement of the motor vehicle.

The three ‘advisors’ contributed valuable insights to the conversation adding essential points to be considered when checking under the bonnet and around the vehicle.

The six vehicles left in convoy around 9.15 headed east along Gnangara Road and into the Pines to enjoy a dusty trip . We stopped in the shade of the pines to reduce tyre pressures to 18 psi, as the sand was rather soft. The group discussed the various methods of reducing tyre pressure and what was being achieved with a lower tyre pressure.

A motor bike rider caught up with us and mentioned that there was a ute bogged on the western track back towards the main entrance and needed recovery.

Strangely he mentioned that All Tracks had helped him out of a bog in the past and thought that we would assist a lonely bogged vehicle yet again!

I drove over to the stranded ute and got him to reduce his tyre pressure from 38 down to 15 psi, &  to the drivers and motorbike riders amazement, the ute reversed easily out of the boggy sand and recovered himself. It was the first time out for the vehicle and driver. The driver and passenger were appreciative of the assistance and advice, they took note of the Club’s website and may be along in the future!

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