A word from…the President | Aug-Sept 2019

A word from…the President | Aug-Sept 2019

September 30, 2019 Club Magazine President's Report 0

G’day everyone,

Been a while since I’ve had to write one of these, so here goes. As you should be aware we had our AGM last month and for the most part the previous committee was voted back in. Hopefully this is to the members liking, but one thing that worries me is that we do not have fresh blood coming through and which is vital to keep the club motivated.

So if you have any inkling to getting more involved in your club, please feel free to chat to any of the committee members as there are many tasks that need doing during the year.

The annual Mundaring Powerline clean-up has also been on recently, and it was pleasing to see in general the track itself was relatively litter free, but unfortunately the surrounding bush was a mess with lots of illegal dumping and this is where this year’s clean-up was mainly focused. The general turn out of members of the WA4WDA & TCWA was very disappointing, however this was anticipated and I actively targeted various Facebook groups & the general public to make up the numbers. One thing I would like to say is All Tracks had 6 of its members there which was more than any other association club, and personally would like to thank each of you for your support of this. There will be other volunteer days throughout the year for people to get involved with if they wish, the main two I will be supporting are the Wilbinga clean-up in May and Mundaring again in September. However there will be various other TTTA days that Roger will be liaising with as the clubs Environmental Officer.

Apart from being the Club’s President, Trip Coordinator & WA4WDA Delegate, I have now also taken on the role of Track Care WA Delegate for the Association. This is so I can get my head around how all the different groups interact with each other, and hopefully work out productive ways to achieve mutual outcomes together.

Our next Planning Meeting is in November and we really need to get our heads together to make this one as productive as we can. If anyone has an idea for a trip (or any activity) please forward your thoughts. Spring is well and truly under way. Before long we will be bitching about it being too hot and wishing for it to rain! Try to get out ‘n’ about as much as you can and use your 4WD for what it was intended. We are very lucky to live in such an awesome environment with so much to explore so close to home, have fun and enjoy. Life is too short to be taken seriously!

Our esteemed leader at the 2019 Kaarakin Busy Bee, working hard

All the best,


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