Fishing and not Catching

Fishing and not Catching

October 25, 2020 Club Magazine 0


Dave F. – Prado

Gary and Az – 80 series

Shane – Triton

Like all good trip leaders, a reccy trip is in order.

Today I ran an unofficial reccy trip to Whitehills. I had to confirm whether or not that the fish have arrived for this summer’s 4wd/fishing beach runs. With great sadness, it was a fishing trip and not a catcing trip.

I promise I will start running more reccy trips or at least until we have a successful catching trip.

The weather today was awesome. 34 degrees, the water is warm, low winds.
The seaweed was a little annoying, but hey, cant help that.

All in all, we caught a few Herrings, a couple skippy and sadly only 3 of my target species, the sand whiting.

Lunch time was great. With 2 Webber running, we cooking snaggas, bacon, eggs with pre-cooked onions. Yuuumyyyyyyy.

As with any main course meal, you need an entree. This was the 2 freshly caught skippy, filleted, battered, and pan fried to that mouth watering perfection. A good squeeze of a freshly picked lemon, a freshly baked slice of bread, a smear of butter and OMG, the fish sanga didn’t even touch the sides.

I will leave you with that thought, enjoy the pics of day.

Story by Dave F.

Photos courtesy of Dave and Shane


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