Boonanarring Recci 18-10-20

Boonanarring Recci 18-10-20

October 20, 2020 Club Magazine 0

List of attendees in no specific order.

Simon and Jacob Mitsubishi triton.

Naomi and Richard Pajero.

Lin FJ cruiser.

Ivo land Cruiser.

Gary Land Cruiser.

We met at the BP roadhouse, Muchea and planned to head north of Gingin to a place where none of us had been before.

After the usual coffee and chat we headed of northbound on the Brand Hwy.

Matt Pajero.

I saw Boonanarring Nature Reserve on Google maps a while ago and decided to run a recce and see what we could find. When running a recce you have to expect to get a bit off track and we certainly did. But more later!!

We set off at a leisurely pace due to the caravan and truck out in front. We turned off the brand Hwy into Boonanarring Road and when off the black top we aired down.

Before setting off I said To Naomi that the track in places peters out and we might have to make our own. Well guess what we took the track as discussed and soon found out that not many people use it.

The bushes were overgrown and sometimes completely covered the track. After forging on for a bit I admitted defeat and we all turned around and headed back through the bushes to the main track. Which was not much better than the one we had just left.

Still our club name is All Tracks not Some Tracks. So we plodded along and met a couple of kangaroos happily hopping across in front of us. The track itself was good just that the bush was trying to reclaim it by growing over it.

After heading north we came to a track which headed east. This was not the one I was going to take further back which was no more that a Kangaroo track.

Well guess what this one turned out to also be very narrow in places and added to the already numerous memory marks in the paintwork of all the cars.

A sharp right through soft sand caught Lin out who went straight on, this was quickly rectified and of we trotted again. It was now close to lunch time so we stopped on the track for a quick refresh and coffee.

When all were fed and watered we continued south towards a farm which was at the southern boundary of the reserve. This track was in good shape and not too many nasty bushes. Another quick left saw that my proposed route was once again no more than a goat track we did another u turn and headed for the black top.

After airing up and another coffee and chat we headed home to inspect the memory marks. I hope all had a good as I certainly did. Cheers to all who came and conquered.

Trip report by Simon D.

Check out Simon’s YouTube vid of this trip

Photos courtest of Naomi, Richard, Simon


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