Wandering Wandoo Woodlands

Wandering Wandoo Woodlands

November 21, 2020 Club Magazine 0

Those who joined us were:

Graham and Dianne 200 series Toyota Land cruiser (visitor)

James Suzuki Jimmy (visitor)

Lin Landcruiser FJ 40 series

Hannah GU Nissan (visitor)

Sean and Deb (better than spending the day inside packing up the house!) Triton

Brandon Suzuki Jimmy

Roger 76 Landcruiser

Pedro, Ricco and Danni Triton

Wilco Toyota Lexus

Ivo Toyota Landcruiser

Don and Jane GU Nissan 4.2

In summary a group of us have spent a few days driving through the area checking it out. This run was a simple run planned for beginners.

Unfortunately, two of the beginners didn’t make it. Those who did seemed to have had a good time, being keen to continue after lunch.

There was a quite a variety of four-wheel driving experiences. We began ducking and weaving around bushes on a narrow track then encountered motion sickness inducing humps on sand. There were gravel slopes and ruts (just little ones) plus a log to drive over.

The biggest challenge for the day were water crossings and some sticky mud. Some alternative tracks would have led to more challenging, soft and muddy creek, crossings.

At morning tea, bonnets were up and doors open as people shared their ideas and mods that make life easier.

Congrats to Ivo who was the only one to successfully cross the long water crossing. He made sure no one else could follow by chewing up the mud!

Following my difficulties to follow Ivo, we all decided on a less challenging way to cross the stream. It did provide some challenges with a narrow entry into the stream and muddy exit on the other side. James tried removing his roof rack with a tree and discovered the problem of having special security fastenings. He did not carry the special tools to undo the roof rack. As usual for our club, someone else did, and the roof rack was repositioned to the centre of the Jimmy roof.

We finished around 2.30pm and made it home in time for a shower before church.

Thanks for joining us.
Don and Jane


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