Wilbinga Clean Up 24th October 2020

Wilbinga Clean Up 24th October 2020

November 14, 2020 Club Magazine 0

All Tracks Attendees:

Richard & Naomi – Patrol

Simon & Jacob – Landrover

Shane – Triton

Ivo – Landcruiser

Lin – Landcruiser

Dave – Prado

Geoff & Sofia – Landcruiser (Shack Crew Coordinator)

            As some may know the usual Wilbinga Clean-Up in May had the kibosh put on it by the Bat Flu, fast forward to late October and various parties decided a clean-up needed to happen pre-Christmas. I got a heads up it might be happening on the evening of the 15th so we started to think how quickly we could get some volunteers on the ground in a week, as you can see by the list above All Tracks was well & truly represented and I thank each and every member along with all the other groups and individuals who took the time to be part of this community clean-up. As has been the case for the last few Wilbinga Clean-Ups I elected to go to the northern entry at Wilbinga Grove to greet volunteers & handle any paperwork so the Shacks Crew could concentrate on other volunteers entering via the south entry.

May would have been ideal to do a sweep through post the December fires, but you deal with the hand that is dealt to you.

            As we had groups gathered, we sent them off in waves so Naomi & I could follow through with the trailer and collect filled bags that had been left along the track. A few of the Shacks Crew that headed up with some DBCA bags nominated to pop up and enter via the Rig Road. This approach seemed to work quite well as even though the tracks looked quite clear we still pulled a lot of litter from the edges, basically we played leapfrog all the way into the back of the north bowl, along the way it was interesting to see the resilience of the bush in regrowing

post last year’s devastating fires that started down at Yanchep. Once at the back of the north bowl we transferred all the collected litter into the trailer and the majority of members head up the sand dune for a play and to collect any litter from the scattered campsites in there. Naomi & I along with Simon & Jacob headed south along the tracks that run parallel to the dunes thus ensuring we covered as big an area as possible. Unfortunately there still seems to be an element of idiots that think throwing their rubbish out the window into the conservation reserve is ok and I’m at a loss how you educate someone so obviously mentally challenged that this is not ok! However having said that I do believe that the various clean-ups done by volunteers is making a difference, it is pleasing to see new participants each year and them bringing their children along as they to wish to contribute to a change of mindset. After weaving around for a while, the rest of our crew emerged from the dunes so we could continue as one convoy as we headed south towards the Shacks for a BBQ lunch put on by DBCA. Upon arriving at the rear of the shacks it was a case of find somewhere to park up and then grab a feed.

As this clean-up was called at the last minute no one really knew how many volunteers would front up estimates are at 50 people over 35 vehicles, based on these numbers I’m pretty proud of the number of All Tracks members who attended. Unfortunately, the number of buns may have been underestimated and somebody may have missed out on a sausage sizzle whilst flying his ex-drone to get some aerial photos, sorry Dave!

I always enjoy the social side of post clean-ups and also use them as a networking opportunity as there is a captive audience of likeminded people.

            After lunch everyone started to get ready to head home, as I had the trailer in tow I took the most direct route to the end of Wilbinga Road which is the designated collection point for the general waste, on the way out I could hear somebody calling out on Ch 12 for help by anyone with a winch. As I was further to the NE & towing, I stayed out of it, but Dave being our resident Mr Nice Guy went down to the beach with Lin & Ivo to see what he could do to help. After dropping his tyre pressures Dave was able to access the stuck vehicles. Story is probably best told by Dave as he was there, but by my understanding he got the owner of the bogged vehicle to let out a lot more air from his tyres and then Dave drove/rocked the car back & forth to form a firm ramp with which get up on top of the sand and then drive it straight up to steep exit from the beach to the owners amazement. Dave then hopped into the other guys car and then instructed his mate on how to drive himself out. You are a true gentleman Mate and good on you for having the patience to share some of your knowledge and enlighten others.

            Whilst Dave was playing guardian angel, we were out at the drop off point, by now Geoff & Sofia had caught up with us and we unloaded the various large items we had collected throughout the day.

One of the things I put into place was the collection bins under the Containers for Change scheme that kicked off in early October. I had already started discussions with Scouts Recycling WA

after attending a couple of Workshops on the new scheme with a view to rolling it out at the Power Lines and various other clean ups that I organize during the year, my plan is that all funds raised by deposits collected on returned containers are directed back into maintain and managing the areas where the litter was removed from rather than just go into general revenue or be swallowed up by an organization. This was pulled together in a couple of days’ notice and it was a bit of a learning curve for me, on this occasion we diverted three full and two partial wheelie bins from landfill to recycling and were paid out on 821 containers.

            Once again, a big thank you to all volunteers who choose to make a difference, in my books you are all legends and truly helping to keep areas like Wilbinga open as a recreation grounds for all to enjoy. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed and they have actually helped open doors to further opportunities for All Tracks, which hopefully I’m in a position to elaborate on soon!

All the best

Richard Cooper


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Photos courtesy of Simon & Jacob, Dave, Richard & Naomi

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Attached below is the Wilbinga Shacks 4×4 Crew trip report

2020 Wilbinga Clean-up Report

On Saturday the 24th of October a general clean-up of the Wilbinga Conservation Reserve was initiated by the Wilbinga Shacks Crew in collaboration Parks and Wildlife Swan Coastal District – DBCA.

Under the present area adoption agreement between the Wilbinga Shacks Crew and Parks and Wildlife, the clean-up was agreed to be cancelled earlier in the year in May due to COVID area restrictions being that Wilbinga is within the Wheatbelt Region.

David Charles (Parks and Visitor Coordinator) suggested we take a look at getting a clean-up done before the festive season starts and before the placement of the five Beach Emergency Number (BEN) signage.

BEN signs have its launch on Sunday the 30th of October on the foreshore of Moore River at Guilderton.

We have representatives attending the launch of the BEN signs.

The turnout of volunteers was much better than expected on the day with plenty of 4wd’s and with trailers heading into the reserve on two fronts, Wilbinga Road and Wilbinga Grove and a few heading in even on the northern boundary.

With such short notice there were approx. 30 vehicles and 50 plus volunteers.

Richard Cooper from All Tracks 4wd Club initiated a trial program working with the a Scout Group for the volunteers to collect glass bottles, alluvium cans and plastic bottles for recycling purposes, the proceeds going back into the management of the Wilbinga Conservation Reserve.

The upgraded gravel roads heading in, the immediate bushland and the beaches were combed for rubbish. Pretty much the whole area was handled from the City of Wanneroo boundary to the South the North restricted beach reserve of the Gingin Shire. 

It is true to say that less rubbish is being taken out every year on these annual clean-ups which means the event is having an impact.

Glass is still very much an issue and more so after fires have been through. Just dropping stubbles into a plastic bin was enough to shatter the glass. So it’s more important than ever to NOT fling empties out into the virgin bushlands. Glass will magnify the sun’s rays and start fires and the glass left in direct sunlight gets so hot the glass surfaces cannot be handled without gloves.

Rangers from Parks and Wildlife put on lunch and a few drinks for the volunteers and yes, they ran out of buns, which means catering numbers was spot on being it was an educated guess.

Wilbinga is a precious resource and it needs everyone’s consideration in protection if we are to enjoy this coastlines bushlands for generations to come.

The efforts of Saturday’s volunteers will go a long way to ensure its protection and responsible, sustainable access.  

Many thanks to all the many clubs, groups, organisations and individuals not belonging to anything for their generous efforts helping us help everyone enjoy Wilbinga not just on the day of the official clean up but all throughout the year. 

The volunteer hours are collated and forwarded to the Community Involvement Unit of DBCA for future funding management purposes.

It is imperative everyone respects this area north of Perth being it is the only closest legal access.

Please help look after OUR own backyard!

If it continues to be abused there is a high probability of us all losing out on access.

The next clean-up will be held in May next year pending feedback after the festive season and Easter holidays. 

Photos: with complement of All Tracks 4wd Club.

Kindest Regards,

Geoff Couper – Senior Shacks Volunteer.

Website: www.wilbingashackscrew.com.au


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