20th Anniversary Celebration

20th Anniversary Celebration

December 1, 2020 Club Magazine 0

Sunday 29th November 2020


Too many to list!

            Congratulations everyone, your club is twenty years young and going strong! A big thank you to all the current and past members who were able to attend our celebration get-together at Whiteman Park. Even those who could only make it for a couple of hours, I want you to know your support is appreciated and is what makes All Tracks a great club to be part of. We had about 60 people attend and feedback I’ve had is positive with a some of our past members enquiring to re-join. As a relative newbie of only 7 odd years it was great to put a face to some of the names I’ve heard about.

            A couple of thank yous go to Deb, Karen & Naomi for whipping up the celebratory Cupcakes.

Jane for doing the flip books of old club photos and Dave for putting together the electronic slideshow of more recent photos. Naomi & I got out there early in order to set up everything before the hordes arrived,

which was probably a good idea as our members seem very punctual with a sizable crowd gathered by just after 10. The weather was on our side, not stinking hot or raining. Though it was overcast, and the wind had a bite to it later in the day it was very comfortable hanging out and chatting to everyone. As was pointed out to me by Nanna 2B Speldewinde we are coming up on our third generation of members and that to me resinates the family base of All Tracks.

            I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what All Tracks becomes and where it goes in the next twenty years. As I’ve said numerous times All Tracks is your club and can be what ever it is that you want it to be.

All the best

Richard Cooper


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