Helena and Aurora Ranges, April 2021

Helena and Aurora Ranges, April 2021

July 12, 2021 Club Magazine 0

List of attendees
Matt – Pajero Trip
Shane – Triton
Simon and Jacob – Triton
Gary , Claire , Gabriel & Azriel – Landcruiser

We all met up at The Lakes BP road house. Arrival time for the trip was 8am,
departure time set for 8.30, heading east to Southern Cross. Stopping at Southern Cross,
we grabbed some fuel and food and eventually made our way to
Koolyanobbing, following google maps to the ranges, we accidently ended
up on a active mine site road “whoops” . We were shown by a
very nice mine employee the way to the track we were supposed to be on.
Stopping half way for a drink break, Simon found a
wiring issue with his fridge, with a quick repair, we were on our way again.

Arriving at the ring road, at the base of the ranges , we turned left and
drove to the camping ground and set up camp.
The next morning, we packed up and headed off to the top of the
ranges to have a look . Awesome place at the top to camp, but that
has now been stopped .

The plan was to explore some caves on the other side of the range, but
unfortunately the track was closed due to bad erosion, so we all then headed off
towards Mt Elvire .
On the way to Mt Elvire we stopped and looked at a rock outcrop,
found a pool of water with tadpoles.

one of many salt lakes

Arriving at Mt Elvire, we set up camp next to an old Field Study
Centre building, which had a fire pit , table with a roof and a drop
toilet .
We started a fire in the fire pit and settled in for the night .
After packing up camp on Sunday morning , we drove around the area
checking out the different rock formations.

Heading off, we followed the next track along Bullfinch-Evanstone rd,
stopping half way to climb a hill and admire the view, we found the hill was
covered in old mine shafts .

Ruins of a mine at the start of Mount Jacksons rd .

We had just set off driving again when Simon got a flat tyre, split in
the side wall . Quick tyre change and off again.
Next stop Jackson homestead ruins for a look.

Approximately 80km from Southern Cross, the oil light in Simon’s
Triton came on. We pulled over to see what’s wrong, sadly all the
engine oil has covered the engine bay, and no oil in the engine,
we weren’t able to find the source of the problem, having no phone reception, we disconnected drive shafts and towed the Triton to Southern Cross. Once in
Southern Cross, Simon organised for a tow truck to take the Triton
back to Perth. Not a good end to the trip but the rest was fun.

Story by Matt B.

To check out the YouTube vid from this trip, simply click on the image

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