Quobba August 2021

Quobba August 2021

September 9, 2021 Club Magazine 0

Attending in no particular order
Penny and Spence – L/C
Shane and Ralph (friend) – Triton
Dave and Megan – Patrol
Ivo and Lucy – L/C
Dave and Cindy – Prado

Quobba was stop 3 for this trip.

Arriving into Quobba (not Quobba station), we headed south from the main road and into a camp site, and what a busy camp site. We managed to find a nice big site towards the end of the camping area.

Arriving late to camp, we just decided to chill out for the night, sitting around the camp fire, sharing sweets and playing word games; this gave us all a good laugh.

In the morning, we were greeted with another spectacular sunrise.

With a quick drive to use the site facilities, we found an area that they call the ” Aquarium”

With brekky out the way, it was time to check out some of the attractions. The “blowholes’ was incredible. Shane and Ralph tried there luck with some fishing, unfortunately the wind was blowing the wrong direction, meanwhile the rest of us enjoyed the coffee and fresh donut truck parked in the driveway.

Eventually, Shane and Ralph headed off on a fishing expedition, whilst the rest of the crew just chilled out in the picnic area overlooking the Aquarium (sadly it was low tide). With lunch out if the way, the incoming tide and the return of Shane and Ralph, we headed out for a snorkel.

The fish and coral was incredible. Ralph spotted 2 blue spotted sting rays, Dave F managed to get some underwater footage of the lovely excusion ( you can see this in the Youtube vid)

Back at camp for a shower and chill out aroudn the camp fire, we cooked some potatoes and veggies on the coals – yummy, Penny even cooked this time. 😉

We hadnt planned on staying too long in Quobba, the next morning, we departed for out next destination via Coral Bay for lunch.

Story by Cindy

Click here to see the YouTube video of this trip


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