Steep Point August 2021

Steep Point August 2021

September 1, 2021 Club Magazine 0

Attending this great road trip in no particular order

Penny and Spence – L/C

Shane and Ralph (friend) – Triton

Dave and Megan – Patrol

Ivo and Lucy – L/C

Dave and Cindy – Prado

I’m going to start this report with a big thanks to everyone for an amazing unforgettable 2 week trip.

The starting point for the trip was the Ampol servo just north of Wanneroo, Dave and Megan were a little behind us (coming from Collie) but as they were the only ones not towing, they caught up with us at our first stop over.

The first stop for this trip was not Steep Point. Our first night camping was Galena Bridge, as an overnight planned stop.

We pulled into the wrong road at first, but the amount of wild flowers on display, made the wrong road the right road for photos.

Arriving at the Galena Bridge 24 hour stay, I was surprised with the amount of people camping the night. We managed to find a spot at the back of the area, set up camp and a fire.

The next morning, we set off on our journey, passing by the Billabong roadhouse for fuel and food. Whilst waiting for our toasted sandwiches, we had a look at all of the different currencies people have placed on the wall.

Followed by the Overlander fuel stop for other supplies.

We arrived at the entrance to Shark Bay and aired down, getting ready for some long corrugated loads into Steep Point. This is where we parted with Lucy and Ivo – they went into Denham and we continued onto Steep Point

The coastal landscape didn’t disappoint, bringing big grins to our faces from the gorgeous colour of the water.

We stopped once we arrived at the beach, admiring the starfish and what turned out to be a little sharks swimming nearby.

We found our campsite named “Easter” and after some “car ballet” we maneuvered all the cars and trailers into place, and set up camp. We were graced with a sunset of pastel colours.

Sadly, no campfires allowed! Big thanks to Penny and Spence for bringing out the “Emergency Penguin”

Waking up early the next morning, watching the sunrise, we were blessed with a dolphin swimming past our camp.

With brekky out of the way, we headed off to the point, the most western part of mainland Australia. Taking some great group photos of crew and cars.

Of course, we had to leave an All Tracks business card in the Steep Point’s visitor letter box

From this point, we drove to “The Oven” where Dave F, Shane tried their luck with fishing, sadly nothing was biting.

The remainder of the crew went off exploring, to the lighthouse and beyond. They saw some spectacular coastlines with waves crashing on the cliffs.

The wildflowers were in full display, which made the landscape very pretty with splatters of colour everywhere – just missing a splash of blue.

We continued along the track, Spence was quick to spot some whales in the distance, and more along the way.

They continued into “Dickies Lookout” with more magnificent views!!

After making their way past the blowholes, they headed back to camp,

where Dave F, Shane and Ralph had already taken advantage of the beautiful beach and clear water.

Penny, Spence, Cindy and Dave F went for a very refreshing (cold) swim where we noticed some very naughty business going on with the starfish, now we know why there are sooo many starfish here.

After a nice hot shower, we settled down for the afternoon, thanks to emergency penguin for our ambience again, and the most amazing Milky Way.

The next morning, we woke up to the most spectacular sunrise.

Dave F and Shane had a little morning fish.

By mid morning, we were all packed up and ready to depart, we headed out of Steep Point.

Wild goats and emus

We met up with Lucy and Ivo at the Overlander Roadhouse, and headed off to our next stop.

Trip report by Dave and Cindy

Click here to see the Youtube vid of this trip from Club Youtuber, BM Prado Adventures


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