Nothing But Blowfish

Nothing But Blowfish

January 5, 2022 Club Magazine 0

Whitehills Fishing 31-12-21

Attending in no particular order

Dave – Prado – TL

Peter – Ranger (Guest)

Marek – Colorado (Guest)

Alex – Colorado

Shane – Triton – TEC

As most people know, Whitehills is my favourite spot for beach fishing. My target species I’m usually looking for, the yummy sand whiting, and todays trip didn’t deliver.
The previous day to our trip, I spoke to one of my cousin’s, he had been fishing down by Madora Bay. He reported that Tailor were on the bite. Armed with his report, I rang the fisho gang and passed on the info.

Fast forward to the next day, as per usual, meeting for my trip is the old Miami Bakery in Falcon.

After a bit of a chat and a quick meeting, we made our descent for Whitehills beach. Meeting Shane at the air down point, we quickly dropped our tyre pressure and headed for the beach. To be honest, it left me quite ‘deflated’ doing all that.

The drive along the beach was, well corrugated. Perfect conditions for testing your tie down points, your tie down skills, and teaching you on how to do it better next time.

Considering this weekend was a long weekend, and sunny weather conditions. I would have thought that the beach would have been over flowing with 4wders. Surprisingly, there wasn’t many people on the beach. Great for us, easy to find a spot to fish, without driving for miles.

Rods in the water, Peter’s first cast, lots of nibbles, which landed him a small Herring. Thinking its gonna be a great fishing day, Pete threw it back.

And thats when the Blowfish fiasco started. One after the other, baits stripped, lots of descent size blowies caught, today wasn’t gonna be a good day for fishing.

Question. So, what do you do when your’e outnumbered by that annoying fish??

Answer. You bring out the Webers and start cooking brekky.

The guys did have one more attempt at fishing, but it was quickly given up. Winds had picked up and changed direction.

Whilst making our way out, we almost successfully passed a bogged Ford Ranger. Merak (guest) got a little bogged himself. He managed to manoeuvre his 4wd to some harder ground, closer to the waters edge, and finding his way to freedom, Almost!

Attempting to drive back up and onto the main track, resulted him in getting bogged again.

A quick dig and 6 max tracks saw him out of the bog, first attempt. Well Done!

The remainder of the trip was uneventful except to say that Whitehills beach was now going to be busy. While at the air up point, the amount of people airing down was surprising.

Question Name one good thing about not catching any fish?

Answer No fish to clean.

Story by Dave F.

Click here to see the YouTube vid from this trip


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