Guilderton to Seabird (and back)

Guilderton to Seabird (and back)

March 21, 2022 Club Magazine 0

Saturday 12th March 2022


Keith & Kathy – Ranger (Trip Leader)

Penny & Spence – FJ

Alex – Colorado

Steve (Burgo) – Landcruiser

Jane & Don – Patrol

Roger – Landcruiser

Hannah – Patrol

Wendy & Amy and kids (Visitors) – Hilux

Tony – Ranger

Ivo – Landcruiser

Marek – Colorado

Lin – FJ

The day started around 9am at Guilderton, where we aired down on a dirt road just out of town.  It was a great turnout with 18 people (4 visitors) in 12 cars.

Thankyou to those that attended for your support to make my first trip as leader such a success.

The weather was a bit cooler than the previous day which made it a bit more pleasant. After the air down to around 15 psi we all left in convoy and soon did a detour around the back of the famous Guilderton Lighthouse.

The sand was very soft and was a preview of what was to come.

The track meandered around the coast with a variety of very soft patches rocking the car gently or not so gently from side to side and up and down.

It was mainly single track with only the occasional oncoming car or helmetless quad bikers, who kindly pulled over and waited for us all to pass. A few little patches of caprock needed careful crawling over and the tight twisty and sometimes scratchy track meant slow going but a fun drive nevertheless. Glimpses of the Ocean also made a scenic ride.

The track ended at Seabird so we all lined up on the road and started to have morning tea. But wait, someone was missing? Apparently, Tony had let all the air out of one of his tyres on the sharp rocks just before the end of the track. Burgo stayed back to assist.

After a cuppa and Tony had changed his tyre, Tony, Burgo Penny, Spence and Marek continued into Seabird and headed home along the main road. The rest of us turned around and headed back to Guilderton along the track

Going in the opposite direction was quite different and seemed more challenging in some spots especially one of the soft hills which was quite rutted. Wendy and Amy and kids (Visitors) took several attempts to get up and over the hill but eventually made it much to their delight.  A bit more momentum and being in the right gear helped

After we got back to Guilderton and aired up it was lunch time so some of us stayed for a picnic on the Moore River foreshore before heading home. I had a quick paddle on my kayak too.

All in all I think everyone had a fun time and I thoroughly enjoyed leading it. We only had one casualty, that’s 3 tyres in two trips Tony, but who’s counting!

Story by Keith 

Below is a little slide show with various pictures from our great adventure out.


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