Social Event – Archery WA – March 2022

Social Event – Archery WA – March 2022

March 25, 2022 Media 0


Penny, Spence, Jenny (Guest), Andy (Guest), Connor (Guest), Hannah, Don, Shane, Simon, Jacob, Tony, James, Keith, Kirk, Isabelle (Guest), Dave, Cindy, Wayne,Lin

Archery, what a great idea for a social event. Looking at the show of hands on the day, not many had done it before.

A big thanks to Penny for the idea, organising and booking the event. Also a big thanks to Archery WA for facilitating us, they normally run these events on a Sunday, instead they kindly ran an event on a Saturday, just for us!

The meeting point for this trip as at Archery WA in Whiteman Park. After a quick greet and sign in, we were handed our tactical weapons of mass destruction, our bow and arrows.

After lining ourselves in front of the training boards/target ( Insert the proper name here ), our instructors briefed us on the how to’s and what not’s to do..

Eventually moving on to “how to aim” for the “X marks the spot” on the score board.

Right, it’s competition time. There are 10 lanes. The targets ranged from 8m to 19.75, and in random orders. The random orders bit sort of messed you up. The constant change in distance made it more challenging, as the distances increased or decreased, your aim had to change.

To the best of my knowledge, Keith was the closest to the “X marks the spot”

After all rounds were completed, the scores tallied up, we had a winner. First place to Wayne (Lin’s husband), Second place goes to Tony, third place to Simon.

The fierce competition was very exhausting, the fun and laughter was hard work, so a little bit of lunch was in order.

This also gave our instructors time to set up for the next part of our challenge. They placed 5 balloons out in the field, 60meter away??




Lucky for the balloons, as our master shooters gave them mercy to survive another round.

Whilst out collecting our arrows from the field, the instructors moved the balloons to about 25 meters away. After a repeat of round one. Thankfully the balloons weren’t hurt in our second attempt. Round 3, saw the balloons about 10 meters in front of us. Finally, the balloons were slowly taken out.

Having a few rounds left in the chamber, it was time to see how far we could shoot. I think James won this unofficial competition.

All in all, minus a couple injuries, archery was fun.

Story by Dave F

Here is a quick vid of our “Master Archers” popping a couple balloons


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