Julimar Mystery Tour. 01/10/2022

Julimar Mystery Tour. 01/10/2022

October 23, 2022 Club Magazine 0

List of attendees.

Simon and Jacob – Perentie, Richard and Naomi – Pajero, Matt – Pajero, Jeff and Tegan – 79 series (visitors), Phil -76 series, Gary and family – 80 series, Lin – FJ Cruiser.

As per the previous trip we day started at the BP truck stop, Muchea at 8.30am. The front car park was a bit full so we decided to move to the back of the servo where there was ample room for everyone.

With coffee in hand we discussed what we were going to do which didn’t take long as I had no idea what I where we were going. It was a case of let’s see when we get there.

We set off via Chittering Road and we tuned into Julimar Road then off the tarmac into Heine Road where we aired down. 

The track entry point was wet and the cars had there first wash for the day. Although it was knee deep it did not pose a challenge. They say don’t speak too soon because we came across our second obstacle which was a bit soft and muddy.

On entry I slipped into the rut and got wedged on my diff and was going nowhere. After a quick winch the beast was free from the mud. The rest of the cars decided to use a slightly different route. 

Gary for some reason decided that my line was worth having another look at. Have a guess what happened next. Yep you got it he was stuck.

After a quick check of the depth and wether the bottom was soft or hard the decision was made to take the chicken track to the right. All made it through safely. The chosen route thankfully was the easier option.

There were some good hill climbs throughout the day but the first one is always a bit of fun. It seem to go on forever. But once at the top the view to the left is absolutely amazing and some of the angles the car gets also make for exciting driving.

There also seemed to be an abundance of muddy water holes throughout the day. I think I chose a fairly good track for the day. As per usual they were no challenge for the cars today.

For a while it seemed that every turn we came across another obstacle. As you can see we did have a lot of fun challenging both man and machine. Everyone made it through with ease so I decided to go towards a big hill we frerquent but I do not know if it has a name.

Here are a few pictures of the watery, boggy and sometimes smelly pools we decided to have a go at.

After arriving at a club favourite hill a few of us decided to walk up part of the way. The track is slowly getting worse over time. There are a lot of deep rutts from 35” tyres digging holes. I decided I was going to take the harder option as I needed to show the way. Lin and a couple of others were smart and took the side track which itself was a slippery challenge.

Richard, Phil, Gary and I made it to the top without too much trouble. I then directed everyone to our lunch spot at the top of Dummy Spit Hill. On arrival we had the obligatory look and see if it was passable. The unanimous decision was a big fat “NO”. 

After lunch the tracks became much easier with nothing in particular to show except we came across a lot of mining equipment throughout the central part of the forest. I am not looking forward to the day they start mining.

We arrived at the southern side of the forest and aired up before hitting the black top again. I hope that everyone enjoyed their day on my Mystery Tour around Julimar I know I did. Cheers everyone.

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