Mundaring 08-10-2022

Mundaring 08-10-2022

October 10, 2022 Club Magazine 0


Donald & Jane GU Nissan Patrol (Trip Leader)

Hannah GU Nissan Patrol 

Simon Land Rover Perentie 

Jeff & Teagan 79 single cab Landcruiser (visitors) 

Wilco Lexus 

Roger 76 Landcruiser (Tail)

Working together to create a new track 

 This trip was the creation of a number of people: Roger and Sean had come across this interesting looking up hill track. Joel followed up on the idea, plotted a route and ran a trip. Jane and I did a further drive to check the route and added another section. 

The outcome today was a very interesting, challenging and unfamiliar track. Despite recent rain the tracks were already beginning to dry out and be slippery under foot. And very dusty.

The meeting point was Gorrie Road but we started off the trip from Flynn Road, where we dropped tyre pressures and ventured offroad. The loop off Flynn Road is now severely eroded with deep wash aways, bare
rocks and big offset holes. Wilco’s comment was “people usually have a trip that gradually builds up to the hard stuff”, today we started off with the hard stuff and just kept going”.

After a long lumpy climb through squishy bits and deep ruts, morning tea/coffee was taken in a clearing littered with discarded tyres while Jane worked out where the little blue line on the map was directing us to go.  

Having worked out which way to turn we headed off to find the hill. After another wrong turn that required multi point turns we were back on track, (the little blue line on the GPS was happy again, matching our travel) squeezing through soft tamarisk trees and suddenly we were at the top.

There were no mishaps driving down despite its daunting appearance and the extensive grading of the centre of the ruts.

Lunch was taken in a shady area; some sat and had a chat. 

A special challenge was provided on the track

Others took up the challenge. Can you drive up the hill?

This was “the hill” found by Roger and Sean that had defied all previous attempts to drive up it. The track was steep, deeply rutted with many loose rocks on its length. Today a combination of capable vehicles, team work, track building, shovel work, placement of Tred boards and lockers on the respective vehicles enabled Roger, Don and Wilco to successfully ascend it. 

With some time to spare we did a bit of a drive looking for things of interest before finishing. Back at the bitumen we pumped up tyres, disengaged four-wheel drive and returned home.



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