Social Bush Movies Night.

Social Bush Movies Night.

November 26, 2022 Club Magazine 0


Dave F – Prado and camper (TL)

Simon and Diane – Triton and camper

Shane – Triton

Lin – FJ (TEC)

The first half of the day was rain and no blue sky. After making a few phone calls to confirm if everyone was still happy to proceed, we all met up at The Lakes, had our little chat and briefing before heading off. While driving to our meeting point, it was great to see a blue sky with a pinch of rain cloud, this was a complete opposite to the first half of the day.

With a quick drive down the road, a few turns here and there, we managed to find our camping spot.

With the sun starting to set, we relocated ourselves to a nearby rock, hoping it offered enough of a high point to see the sun set.

It wasn’t long after, the stars were out and it was time to get the movie on. Using a white bed sheet as a projector screen, my Dewalt radio set up for Dolby mono no surround sound, and a laptop with a projector as a “second screen”, we were set. Tonight’s choice of movie was Top Gun with Tom Cruise.

Thanks to those that attended, I’m looking forward to the next movie night.

Story by Dave F.

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