Christmas Lights by Night

Christmas Lights by Night

December 25, 2022 Club Magazine 0

Mandurah Canal, December 2022

Vessel Stingray

Sean (Skipper)








Vessel Eagleray

Craig (Skipper)








I think this is the Club’s first ever social trip that involved using canal boats, motoring through the canals and exploring the Christmas Lights at night. The trip was a success, everyone really enjoyed the trip, so much so, I think I will run it again next year.

Wow, I think there were other events happening here today. So many cars and people, all looking for parking spots, it wasn’t easy, but we all managed to find a spot.

After a short or long walk towards the pier, we all finally met up outside the docks.

With all this effort, having driven from Perth to Mandurah, we decided to try and make the best of it, having reserved a table at “The Stage Door”, this was literally across the boardwalk from the boats.

With an enjoyable dinner been had, we slowly disembarked the land based cruise ship restaurant, and headed off to our little cruise ships. These little cruise ships are exactly the same as the ocean going cruise ships , with a few minor differences, like no toilets, showers, bedding, dance floor, gyms, pool, onboard restaurant, theatre, cleaners, but unlike the big cruise ships, we did get a wash of water hit us from the wake from other boats.

With all passengers aboard, we set sail, joining the massive queue for the canals for a spectacular show.

Thank you to everyone for making this great trip.

Story by Dave

Thanks to Emily for the video, below is a youtube vid of the Salvation Army’s band performing Christmas Carols for us to enjoy.


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