Trip to Harvey Dam

Trip to Harvey Dam

January 5, 2023 Club Magazine 0

December 2022

Attending in no particular order

Alex and Dave – Toyota LC (TL)

Sean – Triton (TEC)

Rob – Suzi

Wilco and Don – Toyota 470

Ivo – Shorty

With glorious morning weather of blue sky and hazy sun, it made for a perfect start heading out to meet the fellow club members at our meeting point in Harvey.

The plan, not that we had firm one, was to re explore some of the tracks previously visited by Dave F. some years before. 

After airing down, we set off along a little track into the Harris River State Forest, just off Honeymoon Rd, what a beautiful place it is, BUT as we soon found out, one with some fairly deep rutted tracks. The first casualty of the day happened quite quickly, less than a km in, poor Ivo slipped off his line and got wedged in a rut. Winch number one of the day was needed to free “Shorty”, this was quickly implemented and executed and Shorty was one again a free spirit!

As we ventured on we came to a very steep rocky decline which really required low range to hold the vehicles back. Great fun to run down, albeit a little hairy! What soon became abundantly clear was the increased height of the water in the dam. We tried a number of tracks as detailed on the Dave’s maps, but many were flooded and by testament of Wilco’s wet underwear, too deep for crossing. So, it really set the theme of the day backtracking from the flooded tracks. 

It didn’t take long before we discovered Death Hill, a mighty challenge of steepness, longevity, deep ruts, and very large boulders. All but two of the Group decided against the surety of a trip to the panel beaters the following week, they being Wilco and Rob. Walking the track first we noted that it split half way up, one side Boulder Ally the other Rut Gully,

Rob went for the latter and managed as is the norm for the versatile little Suzuki’s,  to easily get to the top. 

Wilco on the other hand, with Don riding shot gun, went for the rocky ascent. What started looking quite impressive soon came to a grinding halt. Wilco in the in the powerful Lexus, had managed to wedge himself tightly against a very large boulder.

A good 40mins of winching ( number 2 of the day) finally got his vehicle to the top of the hill, with a few scratches but also a sense of achievement!

Deciding it was lunch time, we planned to find a track that would take us down to the Dam. Leading the way in Sandy I, found a seemingly perfect track that would take us down to the dam. It wasn’t long that Sandy1 was waist deep in a very large hole and perched onto of the only rock for miles that was sitting perfectly, centrally within the hole!

The third winch of the day from off a tree got Sandy 1 safely over the boulder and just about out of the large hole.

After which we decided going on would be problematic to all. So, we decided to pull Sandy backwards and out of trouble. First tow of the day, thanks Wilco and Larry Lexus!

As Dave had brought the Webber we had a lovely lunch of Snags and Burgers and heaps of onions. Nice to just sit back and discuss the virtues or otherwise of our vehicle set ups. Particularly, Sean with his shiny new roof top tent!

After lunch we headed on for another uneventful 4o mins before airing up and hitting the bitumen for home. A lovely day with some great mates, just the way it should be. 

Story by Alex.


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