An afternoon drive through Dwellingup

An afternoon drive through Dwellingup

March 30, 2023 Club Magazine 0



Joel & Taylor – Suzuki Serria (trip leader)

Don & Jane – GU Nissan Patrol

Rob – Suzuki Vitera

Simon & Diane – Mitsubishi Triton   

Wilco – Lexus V8

Wayne – Toyota Fortuna (Visitor)

Roger – 76 Series Toyota Landcruiser (tail)   

The Dwellingup pub carpark provided a shady, easy to find starting point for an interesting afternoon’s drive. The tracks selected were new to everybody. Joel had found them and we had done a recci on them. 

We turned off Scarpe Road, dropped tyre pressures and the action started with a challenging, uphill eroded track. The Suzuki was the first up with Joel lifting wheels and bouncing all over the track.

With the aid of traction boards and hard driving he got to the top of the hill. Almost everybody followed up the track.The traction boards, low tyre pressures and lockers made all the difference. Wayne in a very nicely set up Toyota Fortuna (visitor) made the drive look easy and was up before photos could be taken.

To everybody’s surprise, Wilco had a difficult day. His drive up the track came to a holt after snapping both front CVs. The first noise we heard sounded like a tyre popping. The second noise caused us to look again and we discovered the front wheels were not spinning.

Wilco’s recently installed winch made all the difference as he needed to winch up the hill. Initially an ideally placed tree and Simon’s vehicle provided a winching point. Roger was the last vehicle without any more difficulties.

Further track side repairs to the hubs were required to prevent further damage. Once on firm, flat land the CV joints were removed. As usual everybody jumped in and the job was done in an hour and half. There was grease everywhere and on everyone who helped so Rob’s tub of hand cleanser was much appreciated.  

Simon opened the kitchen and provided yummy snacks; lots of cheese and bickies ‘cos they don’t need cooking. 

A large rock formation further along the track provided the ideal spot to watch the sun set and share a meal together. Thanks Joel, for supplying the BBQ plate. Then we set off for home, gladly leaving the doff, doff music of our neighbours (others watching the sun set). 

Fun facts: 

From the pub to where we pumped up our tyres, we covered 16 kms at an average speed of 2.8 kms/hour, we were stopped more than we drove!

Don found the part for Joel’s hand winch that he lost doing the recci.

Dianne found a recently lost phone; there was still 5% charge left, which was later returned to the owner.

Jane found a camera lens cap and it fits the camera. 

Take away comment: there are many tracks out in the bush that we have not discovered; all it takes is curiosity, a willingness to go and look.  

Story By Don.


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